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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FELLOWSHIP: Arts Blogging Fellows Needed via @thecreatedaily.com

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Arts Blogging Fellows Wanted

EmcArts, a social enterprise and service organization that supports innovation and adaptive change in the arts, seeks two Blogging Fellows with an interest in the nonprofit arts sector to contribute regularly to the ArtsFwd blog from October 2012 - January 2013.
ArtsFwd provides a place for arts and culture leaders to share and learn about organizational innovation and "next practices" in the sector.  
Blogging Fellows will be expected to contribute posts of 500 to 800 words twice monthly for a four month term about topics including the process of innovation, adaptive leadership, and new thinking about organizational change in the arts, with a focus on models of success. Fellows will also be expected to monitor comments on their posts and respond as appropriate. Topics for posts will be selected and edited in collaboration with the EmcArts staff, and may include analysis of sector trends and current events, interviews with arts leaders and non-arts innovators, book reviews, and roundups of news and events. Posts are expected to be thoroughly researched.
Blogging Fellows will be paid as freelancers at a rate of $50 per post.  If Fellows have an existing blog, cross-posting content generated for ArtsFwd is allowed and encouraged.  Following the successful completion of their term, Fellows will be welcome to continue writing for ArtsFwd on an ad hoc basis.  The position is not office based: candidates from all over the United States are encouraged to apply. International applicants will also be considered, through the audience for ArtsFwd is primarily American and posts should be relevant to readers.

Fellowship Dates:  Fall/Winter (Oct 1 – Jan 31)
Application deadline is Sept 17, 2012. Review application requirements. 

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