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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Increase eBook Sales by Taking this Reality Test via @coachjudy

Increase eBook Sales by Taking this Reality Test

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Sure, you want your ebook to be a client magnet. You may even want to make half your income from your ebook(s). Just remember that all ebooks are not created equal. You may know some to be junk without much thought given to the topic. It's value that counts. And for that value, you should keep your audience in mind.

Without a specific audience to laud your work, your influence may disappear in cyberspace.

Time for a reality check. Ask yourself:

1. Am I sharing information my preferred ebook audience wants to know and needs?

Remember, this year's business trend includes educating our audiences about our business to attract them to our services or products.

Do you know your preferred target audience?

2. Am I solving my preferred ebook audience's problem?

Will they read each chapter and become an enlightened page turner? Will they finish my book and recommend it?

If you write for more than one audience, you must address each one in each chapter, so they feel your book is speaking to them.

3. Does my ebook have the marketing built into it?

Am I using the Essential 9 Hot-Selling Points so my ebook will build my business?

These selling points brand your business. When a client works with me, they learn how to integrate business skills or name branding into the whole book, including the introduction, and web sales letter copy.

When I wrote Passion at Any Age, I made sure that the word Passion was in each chapter title to brand me as the Passion Coach. Within each chapter, I branded more by naming my tips especially with a title that brands the book. I called them "Passion Tip #1," #2 and so forth. Later, you can gather the tips and make a special report or short ebook out of it to create another product.

Are you making profit losing marketing mistakes?

4. Do I make my ebook stand out from the crowd with sharing its unique proposition?

To help you know this, it's important to know your book's thesis and preferred audience before you write it. How is your book different and better than the ones already out there?

Do you know who will buy your book?

5. Does my book make me the "go to" person in my field?

If you want to stand out, you must give specific, unique information in your book. Think gruel doesn't fly. People want information that will stick to their ribs. But, in a short format.

6. Does each chapter include a similar format for my beginning, middle, and ending?

For self-help books, this idea helps to make each chapter a similar length your audience expects and appreciates.

7. Does my book title connect with a particular audience?

Books that have an angle sell much better than broad topics to many audiences. You may want to include your audience in your book title. For example, 'Book Marketing for Coaches and Solo Professionals.' Think a series of shorter books if you have a lot to say on your topic.

8. Did I get it all on paper without any title or chapter format advice?

Titles are still the number one "Essential Hot-Selling Point" of your book. You can sell 25% more books with an excellent one. That goes for book covers too.

9. Did I write a list of my general and specific benefits for my book?

If you didn't, you won't be able to write a compelling chapter that hooks your audience to buy your book. Benefits sell. Features explain. Many authors don't know the difference.

10. Am I afraid to "toot my horn?"

You think, "My audience won't like that." Your audience will connect with you more when you tell your story about why you wrote your book. Put your story in a chapter in your book too. I wrote an article years ago about "How a Book is Born" with my story about why I wrote Write your eBook or Other Short Book -Fast!

Know your purpose and your premise first before you write your ebook.

A final thought, write the book you wanted to read that wasn't available before.

Sharing is Caring!

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