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Thursday, October 25, 2012

4 YouTube Channels for Digital Marketers

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Larry Chase's Web Digest For Marketers

In This Issue:
 • YouTube Trends
 • Mad Marketing
 • How to YouTube
 • Scoble Vids

Americans watched 4 billion hours of YouTube videos in August 2012. This online video warehouse has something for everybody, including Digital Marketers. Below are our top YouTube channels worthy of your time and viewing.

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4 YouTube Channels for Digital Marketers

As you can imagine, there are zillions of YouTube videos that address Digital Marketers. We boiled it all down to 4 YouTube channels that are worth subscribing to.

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Here's Sr. Editor Janet Roberts with the best and most useful YouTube channels for Digital Marketers. Take it awaaay, JR ...

1. Scobleizer: World-Changing Technology

"Scobleizer" is Robert Scoble, who travels the world with a video camera, talking to influential and innovative people who represent everything from global brands to the start-ups that will disrupt the tech world.

The videos on his YouTube channel are simple but intimate conversations. He also zooms in on whatever website or gadget he's reviewing, making viewers feel as if they're sitting right at the table with Scoble and his guests.

In his Q&As, Scoble asks the tough questions that don't come up often in tech discussions, such as "How do you make money on this?" No, he doesn't always cover marketing-related topics, but many of the people or products he features will eventually affect the way marketers work.

2. Mad Marketing TV

The production values on this YouTube Channel aren't as slick as many others, but if you just want to listen to smart people talking about lead generation, content marketing and other business-growing tactics, you can let these videos run in the background while you work.

Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers is the host. Each video puts up a split screen with the host on one screen and the guest on the other. Most discussions are Q&As between Ogden and his guests with little editing, but the conversations are helpful and focused on delivering tips and advice that viewers can put to use immediately.

A few suggestions:

3. YouTube Trends

Subscribe to this channel to stay on top of the Social Media zeitgeist, or even if you just want to be the first to post the hottest YouTube videos before your colleagues.

YouTube Trends is the companion channel to the YouTube Trends blog which actually crunches video data to find and analyze the top videos of the day.

The link above takes you to the featured video at the top of the YouTube Trends home page, which explains what the channel offers you in a jazzy 1950s science-documentary style.

4. Google and Your Business

Google's business channel on YouTube is a well-organized fount of information for Digital Marketers who want to use social video for content marketing, lead generation, PR and other purposes.

Although some of these videos are several years old, they stand up well over time. This is something you should remember if you launch your own YouTube video channel: How evergreen is your content? Will it enjoy a relevant and long shelf life?

Subscribe to this channel for regular content on all aspects of marketing via Google products, or choose a playlist that reflects your special interests, such as these:

  • Google Marketer's Playbook Series collects video presentations based on Google's info-rich Creator Playbook, a downloadable PDF with tips, advice and strategies for using Google services.
  • Google Analytics Learning Resources has helpful information and insights even for seasoned Digital Marketers.
  • Google Shopping will help you get up to speed quickly with its price-comparison service that replaced Froogle and Google Products.

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Internet Direct Response Tip of the Week

Online Vids Suffer from Low Production Values

There are infinite amounts of online marketing vids out there, but precious few of them have any production values in them. So, they all pretty much look the same, which is a lost opportunity.

Simple cuts, wipes, barn-door scene changes, lighting effects, pans and fades are all easily executed with free software and often encased right in the video camera or cell phone.

So many of these online videos are the equivalent of point-and-shoot Kodak cameras of years ago. There also seems to be very little emphasis on good writing as well. So many how-to vids don't even have a simple call to action. In this case, quantity is not quality.

If you want your videos to be seen and passed along, think before you shoot. Think about copy, cadence, the ending and what post-production values you want to include after you put the camera down.

There are too many talking heads at podiums, PowerPoints, and illustrated podcasts. Remember, if you're selling yourself, your firm, services or products, the quality or lack thereof will come across in the video production. It is the ultimate demonstration medium, whether the shooter is aware of this or not. LC


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