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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

5 Smart Reasons Why Authors Should Hire a PR Coach instead of a Publicist via @pamperry

Those who show up, go up. That's my mantra.
With more than half the year gone, are you getting your PR in
gear for 2013 to win?
If not, I invite you to take advantage of the
PR 2.0 & Platform Building Boot Camp
Online Coaching Classes.

Hear all about it on my blog==> www.pamperrypr.com/blog

Pam Perry, PR Coach

Pam Perry, PR Coach

5 Smart Reasons Why Authors
Should Hire a PR Coach instead of a Publicist

Have you considered hiring a publicist but their fees are way out of
your price range?
Do you need a publicist but you've heard the horror stories of "I paid
my retainers and got nothing?"
Regardless of the fact that this may all be true, at some point people
need to know about your business other than by word of mouth. 
Publicity has served and still today is the best avenue in getting the word out.
Ministry Marketing Solutions does full service PR for the most well-known
Christian publishers and authors in the nation from Bishop TD Jakes,
Pastor Bill Winston, Taffi Dollar, Pastor Andre Butler & Dr. Suzan Johnson
Cook but also teaches authors to be their own publicis- to build their
platform, brand their ministry.
I will be your PR coach that shows you step by step, exactly how to do your own
publicity just like the pros.  You actually become the publicist for your book
and build your "brand."

Let's check out these 5 reasons why you may want to consider
The PR 2.0 & Platform Building Boot Camp Coaching Program:

#1 - Cost

This is the number one reason many authors have turned to PR coaching. 
The usual fees for a publicist range from $2,500-$5,000 a month, depending
on the publicist and the number of hours required to publicize the business.

#2 - Customized Plan

When you work with a PR coach, you will learn how to develop your
publicity plan customized just for your book/ministry, not some template
used for all other books.

#3 - Media Savvy

You will learn everything there is to know about the various forms of
media and how to get your business noticed by them.
I will give you real contacts too! (Unheard of in the industry)

#4 - Online Tips and Tricks

You will learn how to leverage twitter, flickr, facebook, pinterest youtube,
blogs, linkedin and more to build your brand and sell more books.
Create online relationships that turn into customers and ministry partners. 
Learning these free online marketing tools will save you
thousands of dollars.

#5 - Media  vs. Public vs. Ministry Industry Publicity

In today's society, mainly because of the Internet, there is more than
just media publicity.  Learn how to get to all 3.
So as you see, PR Coaching is a great alternative to
hiring a publicist or a public relations firm.

For more info go now to:


& see what others have said about Ministry Marketing Solutions results.

Our PR Boot Camp runs for 4 weeks in the evenings plus you
get 4 weeks of email support to make sure you stay on track! 
- don't worry if you can't make the exact date/times, the classes are
recorded and delivered to you via MP3 and you get the PR 2.0 BootCamp
workbook, email support and worksheets.

How simple is that?

Pam Perry, PR coach 

Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.
- Creator of Chocolate Pages Show & Network 

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