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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fw: Savvy Book Marketing Tips - October 17 issue via @bookmarketer

Savvy Book Marketing Tips

Hello Sylvia,

Books make terrific gifts and November and December are prime season for book sales. Now is the time to plan your holiday book promotions. See this article for ideas. Read on for more book marketing tips and resources.
Ebook Pricing Strategies

Ebook pricing is a controversial topic. Consumers feel that ebooks should be really cheap because there's no paper and printing involved, but authors and publishers understand that there are other costs (writing, editing, design, production, marketing, business overhead) that must be covered with a fair price.
The highest price may not be the most profitable one, because unit sales of ebooks tend to decrease as the price rises. There are a number of factors to consider, but the good news is that it's easy for independent authors  to experiment with different price points. See these articles for some terrific insight into ebook pricing:

Pricing Strategies for Ebooks, by Mark Coker

Experimenting with Ebook Pricing, by Aaron Patterson 

Giving books away for free is a promotional pricing strategy. One of the best ways to do that is through Amazon's KDP Select program. Like most things in publishing, there are pros and cons to KDP Select. Here's an article with more details. 

Library Mailing Lists 

Barbara Florio Graham offers a list of the top 100 Canadian librarieswith purchasing power, ready to print on labels, for $35.

My database of the top 50 public and top 50 university libraries in the United States (plus a bonus list of 200+ Texas libraries) is available for just $10 or it comes free with my Selling Your Book to LibrariesPDF ebook. 

Book Marketing Tips and Resources
6 Common Myths About Book Reviews - my article about common misconceptions regarding reviews 

* The entry deadline for the Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year is November 15. 

How Children's Authors Can Profit from School Visits - article by Amber Housey

* In the last newsletter I incorrectly listed Terry Whalin as the author of the article The 12 Commandments of Selling Books at Book Fairs, Conventions and Festivals, but the article was actually written by Terry Cordingley. Here's one of my favorite articles by Terry Whalin, who is also a top book marketing expert: Do Book Reviews Matter? 

Promote Your Book with a Virtual Book Tour - my article about the value of virtual tours 

* Learn more about virtual book tours in Virtual Book Tour Magic 

* According to Book Industry Study Group's recent survey, the percentage of e-book consumers who exclusively or mostly purchase ebooks fell from nearly 70% in August 2011 to 60% in May 2012. Over the same period, the percentage of survey respondents who have no preference for either ebook or print formats, or who buy some genres in e-book format and others in print, rose from 25% percent to 34%. The study also tracks trends in ebook reading device ownership.
That's all the news for today. Don't forget to do something every day to promote your books!


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