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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Online Branding: Get Found, Get Known, Get Out There via @pamperry

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Online Branding: Get Found, Get Known, Get Out There

 The Quickest Way to Get Known: Get Found On Google! What do people see when they Google YOU? The internet has changed everything. Social Media has changed everybody. We don't go to the Yellow Pages for phone number, we Google. We don't go to the library reference desk, we Google. Even when we're looking up [...]

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    Tuesday, August 28, 2012

    Fw: Online & Social Networking: Content Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

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    Online & Social Networking


    Content Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

    Content marketing encompasses all forms of content that directly or indirectly promote a business, brand, product, or service. Read on to find online sites and tools for content marketing, such as blogging sites, social networks, and sites for sharing audio, video, and images. If you're just starting your content marketing efforts, be sure to check out the Content Marketing Strategy Worksheet and Content Marketing Strategy Template. More

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    FELLOWSHIP: Arts Blogging Fellows Needed via @thecreatedaily.com

    One opportunity a day keeps success coming your way.
    Today's Opportunity

    Arts Blogging Fellows Wanted

    EmcArts, a social enterprise and service organization that supports innovation and adaptive change in the arts, seeks two Blogging Fellows with an interest in the nonprofit arts sector to contribute regularly to the ArtsFwd blog from October 2012 - January 2013.
    ArtsFwd provides a place for arts and culture leaders to share and learn about organizational innovation and "next practices" in the sector.  
    Blogging Fellows will be expected to contribute posts of 500 to 800 words twice monthly for a four month term about topics including the process of innovation, adaptive leadership, and new thinking about organizational change in the arts, with a focus on models of success. Fellows will also be expected to monitor comments on their posts and respond as appropriate. Topics for posts will be selected and edited in collaboration with the EmcArts staff, and may include analysis of sector trends and current events, interviews with arts leaders and non-arts innovators, book reviews, and roundups of news and events. Posts are expected to be thoroughly researched.
    Blogging Fellows will be paid as freelancers at a rate of $50 per post.  If Fellows have an existing blog, cross-posting content generated for ArtsFwd is allowed and encouraged.  Following the successful completion of their term, Fellows will be welcome to continue writing for ArtsFwd on an ad hoc basis.  The position is not office based: candidates from all over the United States are encouraged to apply. International applicants will also be considered, through the audience for ArtsFwd is primarily American and posts should be relevant to readers.

    Fellowship Dates:  Fall/Winter (Oct 1 – Jan 31)
    Application deadline is Sept 17, 2012. Review application requirements. 

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    Fw: PR People Awards - Call for Entries

    Entry Deadline: September 7

    Awards Luncheon: November 29 | National Press Club, D.C.

    Self-Nominations Accepted!

    PR News' PR People Awards competition is your opportunity to showcase the PR and communications professionals who day in and day out are making communications matter in the marketplace. Winners of this annual program set the benchmark for PR and underscore the outstanding PR achievements made in the past year.

    Nominate your colleagues, or self-nominate; either way, we want to meet the best in PR and introduce them to the thousands of readers of PR News and their key stakeholders. Multiple entries from an agency, corporation or association are accepted.

    Enter Today!

    Contact Marketing Director Kate Schaeffer at kschaeffer@accessintel.com

    Also from PR News:
    Sept 14: Platinum PR Awards Luncheon – NYC
    Sept 14: PR Writing for the Social Media & the Web
    Oct 2: Social Media Measurement Conference – NYC

    The awards program is presented by the leading industry publication PR News. The PR News family of products includes PR News, the Platinum PR Awards, PR People Awards, CSR Awards, The 100 Best Case Studies Book, Guidebook to Best Practices in CSR; Guidebook to Best Practices in Measurement and the upcoming Crisis Management and Media Training Guidebooks and PR News Webinars. For more information, go to www.prnewsonline.com. 

    Wednesday, August 1, 2012

    Did you know literature was an Olympic event until 1948? FocusOn: Fiction&Poetry Blogs via @wordpressdotcom

    New post on The Daily Post at WordPress.com

    Focus On: Fiction and Poetry Blogs

    by Elizabeth

    Did you knowliterature was an Olympic event until 1948? Of course, all creative submissions had to reference athletics in some way, and many think the quality of the work suffered as a result. That's why blogging is such a great way to develop and showcase your creative writing - there are no restrictions or limitations beyond your own imagination!

    If you primarily write fiction or poetry, or if you'd just like to try your hand at a poem or story, here are some ideas to get you started:



    Are you a novelist or a poet, or do you aspire to be? What tips do you have for how best to feature creative writing on a blog?

    Elizabeth | August 1, 2012 at 6:03 am | Tags: creative writing,FictionPoetrypoetry blogs | Categories: Focus On | URL:http://wp.me/p23sd-2qJ
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    7 Mistakes to AVOID when sending Press Releases via @pamperry

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    7 Mistakes to AVOID when sending Press Releases

    The news release is your only chance to make a good first impression. Sloppy, inaccurate, pointless releases are the first to hit the newsroom wastebasket or recycle bin. To make sure yours isn't one of them, avoid these seven deadly sins: 1. Providing insufficient or wrong information. Particularly telephone numbers. Releases must be complete, accurate [...]

    The post 7 Mistakes to AVOID when sending Press Releases appeared first on Pam Perry PR & Branding Solutions.

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    Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Expert

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      10 Website Tips Every Non-Fiction Author Needs to Succeed via @coachjudy

      Want to view this article on the web? Go to: http://bit.ly/Q6GcXw

      Many coaches and self help experts come to me for their book projects, but I also coach on websites that sell and brand you. I see so many unnecessary mistakes. I know, I'm on my 5th revision. I'm constantly optimizing and updating my own website and would love to share with you some powerful tasks we did to boost clients and sales.

      But first, to set up a website that offers books and services, you need to agree it's for attracting and keeping clients. In other words, a site that sells. No shame in that.

      One question came to me in my book group at LinkedIn:

      Q. "How can I create a new or revise my website/blog to sell more books and attract new qualified clients (not lookie loos)?"

      Your site must work in tandem with your online promotion. It must build your book platform. What good does it do to tweet if your best audience doesn't get a link to your web subscription to be come part of your business gold – your email database. You must coordinate all of this.

      Follow these important steps that guarantee lifelong income for you at your site:

      1. Know your targeted audience before you write your website or blog.

      This is what I coach all clients on as the first step to book writing and promotion success for anything, including their books. Do you know your book's and website's best audience?

      2. Make one website for one audience.

      Don't hodgepodge with your business and your personal growth book at the same site, unless you are a personal/life coach. Create your site around a theme.

      Write a letter to your #1 best audience; name it specifically, not generally. For example:

          "Dear Small Businesses,

          Many of you want to write a book to brand and promote your business. When you educate your audience, you are really educating and promoting in a positive way to attract them to your site and your book.

          In my 'Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast!' you can get all the answers you need to not only write engaging chapters that will get finished, so you have a ready to go sales team to give your testimonials and word of mouth, but to know all your pre-marketing needs to put inside and outside the book to brand you as the expert. Most new authors ignore the 9 hot-selling points as they write their books. Such a shame, because they need this know how to write a much better book that solves their audience's problems or challenges."

      3. Know your site's purpose BEFORE you write it.

      Taylor your web copy to your primary audience.

      If you didn't do this step, you can always do a little update. My site is on its 5th revision, so don't think your original site will work so well. The web changes every minute, so be on top of your web marketing. Educate yourself and get a little feedback on what isn't working and what will work.

      This is just the beginning. If you want hands on how to's for your site update, consult a writing coach before your webmaster.

      4. Set up or update your book/business web or blog site frequently.

      Offer brand new content that your targeted audience wants. This will encourage new subscriptions and bring back current followers who are more likely to buy from you.

      5. Put only fresh, original content up on your blog and site.

      Why compete with other website's syndicated content. Why bore your readers with copy they already read?

      With original content, you're more likely to get ranked higher on search engines like Google. That means you are getting maximum, FREE, TARGETED VISITORS who stay longer on your site. All the more opt-in and sales conversions for you!

      Maybe you noticed my blog has new weekly material to help authors and small businesses make their book project a huge success.

      6. Change your keywords.

      We have changed our keywords to long tail, low competition phrases, and we switched them out as necessary after we gather enough data. You need to use phrases that people on Google and other search engines type in to get their information. That's a HUGE part of your website's success. Many of my site's pages are on page one of Google search results for our targeted keywords. For example, the keywords "book coaching," "how to write a book outline," and "how to write a book fast." These keywords and your content show you as the"go to" person they should come to when ready for your service.

      7. Offer useful free content at your site to gather email opt-ins.

      Include free reports, a newsletter, videos, blog articles, and even teleseminars. If you don't collect emails from your audience, you drop the promotion ball. Think at least two or three offers.  Your best audience will come back to you for answers to solve their challenges when they are ready. These offers build our email database exponentially. We send great information and offers to our list weekly.  I write the promotions and my webmaster schedules them.

      The point is: To get more sales you need more opt-in signups for free reports, your blog, and your free teleseminars. Just look at the rest of my site to see what I offer.

      8. Write sales copy with benefits and testimonials for each product…

      Or seminar, or coaching package. Many coaches and self help gurus don't want to be salesy, but they do need to write useful marketing content with their target audience in mind to attract them to their service. Call it sharing, not sales if you like. "Welcome to my site" doesn't motivate.

      9. Share your great content with social media websites!

      My sales and opt-in conversions went up 25% once I started becoming active on Facebook and in LinkedIn groups.

      10. Keep track of your website progress.

      I track my website data using Google Analytics. I know since I began using the strategies above, people started staying longer on my site (lower bounce rate), which you all should pay attention to. I check Analytics monthly and adjust my online marketing accordingly.

      Always ask yourself, what's working and what's not? Correct it if you do want more business and book sales.

      Sharing is Caring!

      Do you have some great website business tips you'd like to share? 

      Please leave a comment at http://bit.ly/Q6GcXw 

      25 year Book Coach, Judy Cullins helps you in business to write a "best seller" and build your brand with a short book to sell all the books and get all the clients you need.

      Author of... 
      "Write your eBook Other Short Book-Fast!"
      "LinkedIn Marketing: 8 Best Tactics to Build Book and Business Sales"
      "Advanced Article Marketing"

      Click http://www.bookcoaching.com/help-writing-a-book.php to get fresh, free, weekly publications on book writing, self publishing, and online marketing

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