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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fwd: FW: Twitter Expands Lead Generation Cards to All Businesses




After a limited test in May, Twitter on Thursday announced it is opening up its Lead Generation Cards to all businesses.

The Cards let businesses register users and their emails for promotions or memberships directly within a tweet. When you click to expand the tweet, you'll see an option to sign up with your Twitter handle and connected email already filled out.

In a case study quoted on Twitter's blog, outdoor gear and apparel company Rock/Creek saw a 4.6% engagement rate and generated more than 1,700 new email contacts in one week by using a Card within a Promoted Tweet. The company had offered a drawing to win a free pair of Chaco sandals to consumers who shared their email addresses. Read more...

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#Twitter Update Makes It Easier to Follow Conversations @mashables



Twitter released an update Wednesday that makes it easier to keep up with conversations on the social network.

Now, Twitter.com and Twitter's mobile apps show conversations in chronological order. Tweets in a conversation are connected using a vertical line.

Up to three tweets in a sequence are shown connected on your home timeline, so you can catch up on a whole conversation at a glance. If three tweets aren't enough, you can tap on any single tweet to see all of the replies, including any responses from people you don't currently follow.

Whole conversations can be shared with friends via email from Twitter.com, or as individual tweets from the iPhone and Android apps Read more...

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#Facebook Introduces More Business-Friendly Promotions Policy via @mashables



Facebook unveiled a new promotions policy on Tuesday, updating guidelines for businesses that run contests and sweepstakes.

The update is designed to help business create and manage promotions on Facebook. Among the amendments: The social-network giant no longer requires promotions to be exclusively administered through apps; now, they're allowed to be administered on Pages, as well.

In an official blog post, Facebook explains that businesses can collect contest entries by having users message the Page, post on the Page or like and comment on a Page post." Read more...

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'Social Fiction' Brings Characters to Life via Facebook & Twitter via @mashables



A former Nickelodeon Animation storyboard artist and a Facebook employee have teamed up to create a new form of entertainment: social fiction.

Illustrator Steve Lowtwait and writer Michael Smith are telling a fictional story through social media that's centered around a protagonist called "Hawk Funn." They have set up real social profiles on Facebook and Twitter for fictional characters in the story, and they post about the characters' lives just like real people would. If you follow Hawk on Facebook and on Twitter, you can track the plot and learn about his life as a suburban dad in Colorado and his fear of the indoors. Read more...

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Google Doodle Honors 50th Anniversary of 'I Have a Dream' Speech via @mashables



Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered on Aug. 28, 1963, his famous speech against racism, which would be remembered in history as the "I have a dream" speechGoogle is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the speech with a Doodle depicting King and showing some excerpts from the famous speech.

King delivered the speech during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, a political rally that was one of the key moments of the American Civil Rights Movement.

Check out the video of King's speech, above

Images: Google, JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Google Chromecast Gets an iOS App via @mashables (Google competes w/@rokuplayer)



Google launched on Tuesday an iOS app for its new much-hyped Chromecast device, which plugs into any HDTV to let you watch online videos.

The $35 HDMI dongle made waves earlier this summer when Google announced its debut alongside the next-generation Nexus 7 tablet and Android 4.3. When plugged into a TV, web content can be streamed and controlled via Android devices, iPhones, iPads as well as computers (through the Chrome browser)

The app will allow users to manage the settings and set up the Chromecast through an iOS device. The app scans for Chromecasts you've previously set up on your Wi-Fi network and makes it easy to set up new ones. To download the app now, click here. Read more...

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Facebook to Pay Users $20 Million for Sharing Personal Data in Ads via @mashables




If you're one of the 614,000 Facebook members who appeared in a site ad without permission, you may have some cash coming your way.

Facebook was granted final approval on Monday for a $20 million settlement stemming from a 2011 lawsuit involving "Sponsored Stories" ads

The ads, which were posted on both the right-hand side of the site and in news feeds, used member names, pictures and details about the brands and interests they Like on the site. Members whose details appeared in the ads will now receive $15 each.

The five people who led the lawsuit claimed to represent all user and said the company violated their privacy by highlighting personal data without permission. Read more...

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#NowReading: Can Chill Successfully Turn Video Distribution on its Head? via @mashables

Camp Takota stars three major YouTubers and uses Chill's new marketing system to build a community around the film before its release, letting fans watch the creation process from start to finish. The film will stream on Chill, where fans can also order merchandise and download digital extras, and creators get to track analytics and have direct contact with fans.

This Chill production, announced early August, has gained more traction — essential to this distribution model — than an episodic crowdfunded series that failed to raise enough money in June. But can this process inspire fans to sign up early, interact online to drive buzz and pay for online video content? Read more...

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FYI: Bloomberg Surpasses Reuters in Web Traffic for July via @mashables

Bloomberg made the best of the summer news doldrums, beating arch rival Reuters in web traffic in July. This marks the first time Bloomberg has done so since December 2010, a comScore representative confirmed to Mashable in an email.

The researcher reported that Bloomberg netted 418.6 million page views worldwide for July and 24.8 million unique views. In comparison, Reuters recorded 248.4 million page views over the same period and 24.1 million uniques.

Trevor Fellows, head of advertising sales for the Bloomberg Media Group, says the rise in traffic partially stems from the expansion of the content on both Bloomberg Businessweek and Bloomberg.com. The former, the outgrowth of Bloomberg's 2009 acquisition of Businessweek, led to more business-centered content rather than a narrower focus on finance news. Read more...

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Monday, August 26, 2013

1 in 5 Americans Still Lacks Broadband Access via @mashables



Even though more than half of Americans own smartphones, a significant gap in broadband access persists in the United States, according to a new survey released today by the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project.

The survey says 70% of American adults have broadband access in their homes, and a large proportion of those also have smartphones. An additional 10% of Americans get Internet access from smartphones alone

Yet with one in five Americans still lacking broadband, there's a large deficit to be addressed. This can be done relatively inexpensively using a few wireless approaches. We could repurpose tge television spectrum, often called "Super Wi-Fi" to fill in the gap. Another way is to make clever use of unlicensed spectrum by new software-defined radios Read more...

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fwd: FW: Instagram Comes to Windows Phones — Sort Of




Windows Phone users have been left out of all the Instagram fun for quite some time, but now the photo-sharing app is making its way to Microsoft-powered smartphones

Well, sort of — it's not an official version from Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. And you might not want to download it just yet.

A French developer has created an Instagram app called 6tag, which includes most of Instagram's features, filters and sharing capabilities to Facebook, Twitter and so on. The free third-party app sounds like a sweet deal for Windows Phone users itching for Instagram, but according to Windows Phone developer Travis La Marr — and as posted to WithinWindows.com and spotted by The Verge — some major privacy concerns exist within the app. (Not to mention the chance that Facebook could pull integration at anytime.) Read more...

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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Digital Divide Is Still Leaving Americans Behind via @mashables

At one Newark public high school, accessible Wi-Fi can be more valuable than a bus ride home

In Newark, a city with one of the highest poverty rates in the U.S., many Newark Leadership Academy students can't afford home Internet access. At the school, like all public schools in the city, Wi-Fi isn't available to teachers or students. Instead, teens hungry for an online connection seek alternatives in order to fill out job and college applications, complete homework assignments and stay connected to the outside world.

"If they knew someone who could turn their phone into a hot spot, they would actually pay other students to use their data," said Robert Fabriano, a 30-year-old teacher at the school. "They would trade bus tickets ... if they lived two or more miles away, or a couple of bucks if they had it." Read more...

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#Twitter Teaches You How to Hashtag via @mashables

Want to be sure your tweet is shared with the right group of users? There's a hashtag for that — if you can find the right one

Hashtags have become synonymous with Twitter, serving to filter what can otherwise be a wide array of difficult-to-categorize information

Users can join any conversation on the platform by adding the appropriate hashtag to their tweet. The problem is knowing which one to include

Twitter is trying to solve that. The company unveiled an infographic Wednesday complete with a blog post highlighting tips on choosing the best hashtag for your tweet. Read more...

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