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Thursday, January 29, 2009

42 days of Black History Workshops on the Black Authors Network Radio

The Black Authors Network Radio Show is hosting 42 days of Black History and we would like to include you on the program. January 25-31, we are hosting seven days of Book Marketing On-line Workshops. I am contacting you today to see if you would like to conduct a hour long workshop, on-line, during this time. You can promote your book(s) or your services to the fullest!  If you have any information that would drive people to your site or increase your book sells for your clients, feel free to provide it too. You may invite 3 other people to be on the 1-hour show with you if you would like.
If you are interested in calling in for the exclusive 1-hour show, please let me know which night Sunday, January 25 - Saturday, January 31, 2009  that you would like to be on the show and what topics you will be discussing. The show will only have you and your invited guest as the presenters. I will only ask questions and conduct the chat-room. You can discuss any topics that you like, during the chat session and radio conversation.  We want to cover all areas of book promotions, meeting the media, advertising on the Internet and how to be successful at literary events. Your contribution will be appreciated greatly.
This is free of charge. You do not have to pay the $35.00 fee listed on the information page. You may call me if you would like more information at:  301-422-1730.

2nd Annual Black History Month Internet Book Fair
"Give the Gift of Knowledge"
January 25 - March 7, 2009
Totally Online at the Black Authors Network Radio Show
Please join us for 42 nights of fun, wisdom, fellowship, and book previews, as well as author interviews. EDC Creations and the Sankofa Literary Society will host the annual Black History Month Internet Book Fair to bring together authors, community leaders and concerned citizens. You can participate nightly from the comforts of your home! The event is held totally online with nightly panel discussions, seminars, live readings from new book releases, community town hall meetings and open mic poetry nights.
Our theme is "Give the Gift of Knowledge."   We seek to bring together our modern day Griots to share with us the history of our people and to lead us into the future. Are you ready? Do you want to help us prepare an archive of African American legacies for your children? This is an open, community forum for all races and cultures. We will help create the very foundations of change by exercising unity!
Black History Month Book Fair Themes and Advertising
Warmest regards,
Ella Curry, president of EDC Creations
Founder of the Black Authors Network Radio Show

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