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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wanna Know What Rich Authors Do Differently....

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Time to Step it up - We're in the last Quarter of the Year


PR coaching TeleClasses Start Oct. 20!

PR Boot Camp Event Brite
Hey Future Best-Seller!

My friend Steve Harrison is offering a free telephone
seminar you won't want to miss this Thursday, October 8th.
On the call, you'll discover how to become a much more
successful non-fiction author by learning what the top
authors do differently than all the rest.
I can tell you Steve's advice is right on the money!
Even if your book isn't out yet, this is a call you
won't want to miss.
Below is your invite from Steve ....
Have you ever wondered why some authors make a fortune
while so many others with equally good books always
seem to struggle financially?
Would you like to make a whole lot more from your own
non-fiction book(s)-- without a lot of work or expense?
After working with 9,300+ authors over the last 20
years, I've learned rich authors simply do seven key
things differently than poor authors.
I'm Steve Harrison and as publisher of Radio-TV
Interview Report (RTIR) and Million Dollar Author Club,
I've worked with and interviewed some of the most
successful authors alive today.
Some are extremely famous bestsellers, like the
creators of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and
Rich Dad Poor Dad.
Others are happily not-so-famous but quietly raking in
high six-figure and even seven-figure annual inc.omes
without ever being on Oprah or hitting any bestseller
To learn what rich authors know that poor authors
don't, join me for a free 75-minute telephone seminar
this Thursday, October 8th at your choice of two times:
either 2:00 pm Eastern (11:00 am Pacific) OR
7:00 pm Eastern (4:00 pm Pacific).
There's no cost to participate in the call (except for
your normal long distance charges) so go here now:

FREE PR Call to Hear Author Secrets

What you'll discover on the call will arguably be the
most important information you've ever heard about
I realize that's quite a promise, but I'm totally
serious. You'll discover things like:
*  Why the seven key differences between rich
authors and poor authors aren't obvious things
like getting publicity or having a good title (though
those things are important).
* The 'secret reasons' behind bestsellers like
Rich Dad Poor Dad, Body for Life and The Seven Habits
of Highly Effective People.
* Why understanding the rich authors' strategies
is critical even if you don't really care about money
and just want to share your message with others.
* How rich authors overcome the many problems and
frequent obstacles of the bookstore distribution
* The 'unfair advantage' rich authors use to win
the publishing game which 99.9% of all authors don't
know anything about.
* How you can use the rich authors' secrets to
make a six-figure income from your book even if you
only sell 10,000 copies and never get booked on Oprah
(not that you shouldn't try!).
* An incredibly simple thing you should immediately do
to dramatically increase the profit you make from every
To register for the 75-minute teleseminar, go here now:
Free Call to Hear RichAuthorSecrets
I look forward to 'seeing' you on the call this
Thursday and teaching you the seven things rich authors
know that poor authors don't.  Who knows ... it may be
a phone call that changes your life!
Steve Harrison

P.S. If you're a Christian author and want hands on training. Go to
www.PRBootCampOnline.eventbrite.com for Online coaching!

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