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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fw: TheBookDesigner: 52 Great Blogs for Self-Publishers

I just had to share this because it was so awesome.

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TheBookDesigner: 52 Great Blogs for Self-Publishers

52 Great Blogs for Self-Publishers

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 12:01 AM PST

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Editor's note: This is an updated version of a post originally titled 36 Great Blogs for Self-Publishers. I'll be taking the next a couple of days off. I wish you and those close to you a fulfilling holiday, and I'll see you on Friday. Thanks for reading!

I guess the first really "social" media was blogs. Blogs were an early sign of a fundamental shift in the media firmament. The idea that the broadcaster (the blogger) would interact directly with the audience (the readers) was explosive. And given the chance, we became social to an extent undreamed of before social media roared to life.

Blogs have become one the largest sources of news, information and opinion in the media landscape. There are few newspapers, fewer television stations. But there are millions of blogs.

Blogs for Self-Publishers

For the latest news, trends and analysis In self-publishing, support for writers, insight into the publishing process, and the transition to digital books, these are the blogs I read. No, they aren't all self-publishers or even self-publishing advocates, and their appearance on this list doesn't imply any kind of approval on their part.

No, I've curated this list myself. We need a lot of perspectives to really see the field of indie publishing. Change in the publishing industry is accelerating. Every blog on this list teaches me about how to publish, what to publish, and what's coming in indie publishing. I hope you enjoy them.

Because you may want to click away from the list to visit these blogs, here's a link you can bookmark when you want to come back:

READ MORE AT: http://www.thebookdesigner.com/2010/11/52-great-blogs-for-self-publishers/

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