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Thursday, December 2, 2010

WE WON! Savviest in Social Media Award! (congrats to @pamperry)

Congratulations on Pam Perry for winning Startup Nation Savviest in Social Media Award!

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Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.
Wins the 2010 Savviest in Social Media in the
StartUp Nation Home Based-100

Thank you for your prayers, your votes and your virtual friendship. It's a digital world and I'm glad to be connected, linked, tweeting or facebooking with you!

This is an honor and I am humbled to win this prestigious award out of the thousands that entered!

Now on to really MARKET THE MESSAGE! Are you ready to "crush it" too?

Pam Perry, YOUR PR Coach & Social Media Strategist
Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.

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Contestant's Case to Win

Ten-Year-Old Public Relations Firm Reinvents
Delivering Online Branding, Viral Videos, Digital Marketing, Virtual Assistance and More to Authors, Nonprofits and Entrepreneurs

Detroit - Reinvention. Reposition. Rebranding. This is what Pam Perry, the chief visionary of the 10-year-old Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc has done.

The award-winning PR coach has kicked the company into another gear by developing a full selection of social media services for authors, organizations and small businesses.
"I want to position my clients to superstar success - like a rock star! The way to help them achieve major visibility, more credibility and high marketability is to leverage the internet and 'crush it' with social media marketing," said Perry. "We have kicked it up a notch - and ready to rock and roll."

Perry and her virtual team at Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc. work with Sports & Entertainment Executives, like Max Siegel and business organizations like Michigan Minority Supplier Development (Diverse Business) and Detroit Black Expo plus coaches scores of best-selling authors. She is often called on to speak at conferences as far as San Juan Puerto Rico to Houston and was a speaker at the prestigious Blogalious Conference at the Ritz Carlton in Miami.

One can 'Google' Pam Perry and find online comments from clients raving about her creativity and connectivity.

The Detroit Free Press called her "a marketing whiz on an almost immortal mission." Publishers Weekly called her a "PR Guru." 

Hear her latest podcast with social media superstar, Shama Kababi of "The Zen of Social Media" here: www.blogtalkradio.com/ministrymarketingsolutions

Perry's public relations firm began to "rebrand" about five years ago when she started her first blog. Seeing the power in Web 2.0 technology, she now has personal network of tens of thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin and Youtube. This allows her to get the messages out about clients quickly, easily and more inexpensively than traditional media methods. "Brand building is about being consistent and connecting with the right audience often - social media marketing allow that and we have been able to build powerful brand recognition for clients."

The Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc. team provides clients with overall branding which includes blog site development, email marketing, article marketing, online videos, podcasting, social media management, PR coaching, virtual assistance, keyword research and other traffic building techniques.

Perry understands how to build powerful brands and teaches the online secrets to her customers' in short easy sessions that would normally take months to learn. "Simplicity is the key, said Perry. "As a baby-boomer, I know that the internet can be scary - but when I teach clients - I make it fun - and they learn to build their own online networks to reach their marketing results."

Ministry Marketing Solutions, founded in 2000, is an online branding and social media agency that provides services for best-selling authors, nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurs.

Visit the website and read all the free articles on book marketing and social media.
Pam Perry and the team have a book coming out next year: The Swagger of Social Media and a TV show: Synergy Energy

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Thanks again. I appreciate you - now let's get YOUR Social Media Program  going!!

Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Strategist
Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.
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