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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Free MP3 "What Every Christian Author Should Know" to first 100 downloads

questionsYou had some questions about book marketing and publicity ...so I heard you and I want to give you a FREE Mp3 that answers most of your questions!
Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.

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 "What Every Christian Author Should Know"
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 So you were inspired to write and nudged to publish and now you are holding your dream in your hands: your book.   It was a hard, tedious process - but you did it. It's so exhilarating.
Until you announce to the world and everyone seems to yawn. Worst yet, no one is placing those bulk orders you'd hope for or the phone is not ringing for you to come and speak and sign books.
Now is the perfect time for a little course in platform building by parlaying your knowledge and experience to become a recognized expert or "authority."  After all, author and authority are synergistic. You may not be famous or a brand name - but you can become one. 
So, download this free Mp3 that tells you some of ways to develop a strategy that increases your brand equity, credibility and get you in the public eye.
For more free tips, visit www.PamPerryPRCoach.com
Bob & Pam

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