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Monday, December 22, 2008

Tell ESSENCE: Know where to meet great Black men? Know a great working

Tell ESSENCE: Know where to meet great Black men? Know a great working

Where are the Black men?
Are you always meeting great men at places and functions most sisters are
unaware of or overlook? ESSENCE.com wants YOU to tell us where we can meet
attractive, single men!

We've already highlighted the following:
Grocery store, Bookstore, Church, Train/Bus, Weddings, Concert, Airports and
sports bars, Salsa clubs, Home Depot, Gyms, Gas stations, Alumni associations,
Weekly social event, Barbershop, Ski Trips

Tell us where else can we meet single men (and make sure you explain why you
chose that particular place). Don't forget to include your name, age and city
of residence in your e-mail. Please pass this along to your friends.
Send all responses to Porsche at pslocum@essence.com


Wanted: Phenomenal Working Moms

ESSENCE is on the lookout for African-American working moms who manage to
balance having a great career with taking wonderful care of their family and
themselves! These super-moms need to be willing to share their secrets to
success: Do they enlist her older kids to help younger siblings with homework?
Do they trade off babysitting with other girlfriends who have kids? Did they
start their own business so they could make their own hours at home?

We're open to everyone, but would love to profile:
•    a single or divorced mom
•    a mom who stays at home, but runs her own business
•    a mom with a developmentally disabled child
•    a mom with a very large family (more than five kids)
•    a mom with multiples who are still young

Moms, please email us at healthyliving@essence.com and tell us about your
family, your career, and how you look out for yourself as well. Please include
your name, age, geographic location and a photo of yourself.

Thanks much!

To reply to this message, follow the link below:


Sylvia Hubbard
Author, Blogger and Founder of Motown Writers Network
NOW AVAILABLE: Secrets, Lies and Family Ties

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