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Monday, April 6, 2009

eBook Publishing Secrets That Everybody Should Know

The secret is out. Publishing eBooks on the Internet is a wildly profitable business. Why? Because there are virtually no overhead costs. You can get started with an assortment of free tools that you can find listed in my eBook publishing course. Best of all, you can do this while either searching for a job or holding down a full time job. Thanks to the anonymity of the Internet and the longstanding practice of authors using pen names, you can get started now.

If you're not a good writer, it doesn't matter. You can buy ready-made information products that allow you to change the author name and claim credit for it. That's actually how I got my start. It was proving very difficult for me to find the time to write my first electronic book. It was also not really very feasible to hire some ghostwriter to write one for me from scratch. I go into a lot of detail about how this can be done in my eBook training program. But here's one important tip I want to share with you right now. Never invest in a master-resale-right package that doesn't allow you to change the author name. It's critical that you be able to customize the name to reflect yours (or your pen name).

Finally, here's another important secret. Throw occasional sales wherein you offer your eBook at a discount price. Don't offer these too often, but when you do offer a discount, make it a very deep discount. You will be amazed by how many more people decide to purchase. It's a great sales booster.

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You'll discover a fantastic resource that I've put together for you that will help you launch and grow a profitable home based eBook business WITHOUT having to spend a lot of money on startup expenses. You can literally get started today. So go ahead and visit my eBook Secrets website today.

Yours For eBook Profits,
Ethan Evans

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