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Friday, April 17, 2009

Write Your First Book As an Ebook - 7 Reasons to Make Your First Book an Ebook

Are you one of the millions of people who want to write a book in your life? If you have a book in you, think about reaching your dream by starting with an online written book, called an ebook. Here are 7 reasons to make your first book an ebook.

1. Write Your Dream Book. Writing books is a dream of many, but few have the understanding of what it takes to get a book written. One of the hottest ways to get your ideas into a book is to write and market an ebook. If you have a story to share or other information, consider writing an eBook first in order to see your name in print, fast.

2. Write for you. If you have a burning desire to write your book, think about writing it for yourself. You can write your first book just so you can print it, put it in a binder and have it as a powerful visual reminder of how great it will be to put your words in writing for others. This can be the inspiration you need to write for a public audience.

3. Write for others. Writing for others is what most people really want to do. For the business and professional person, writing a book is a way to express your wisdom, share business ideas, gain clients, and build your professional reputation. You could write for your family as well as others you will never meet.

4. Write for Money. Writing an ebooks as your first book is a fabulous way to earn money in your business. People enjoy reading information in a compact way. That why ebooks are so popular on the web. Writing a book is more complex than writing an ebook so start writing and selling an ebook and progress from there.

5. Write Simply. Writing an ebook is actually a very simple process. The only equipment you need is a word processing program and access to the Internet. You need a topic and a structure for your ebook. This can sound complicated but when you know how to put these elements in place, you can have success to write a very simple ebook that speaks to the heart of your readers.

6. Write Short Ebooks. Writing an ebook doesn't have to take a long time because it can be very short. Ebooks are getting smaller and shorter as people get more stressed and busier. An ebook between 50 - 75 pages seems to be the norm these days depending on the topic. This short length means you are not wasting space and paper with fluff but getting straight to the point. This makes your ebook much more interesting for the reader.

7. Write Creatively. Be creative as you write your ebook. Think about the people who will read what you have to say. They will purchase or download your eBook to get the information you provide when you write in an engaging manner. Write a concise, easy to read book that is informative and helpful and you could be on your way to building a following with your ebooks.

If you really want to get that book out of you, start with an ebook. It's quicker, easier and more focused. You can do it when you know how.

Consuelo Meux, Ph.D. is a Strategic Mentor and Creativity Coach who works with you to become a published author fast. If you have a book in you, find out about the exciting Ebook in a Weekend Boot Camp and build your professional credibility and establish your reputation by writing your ebook fast. Get information at http://www.consuelomeux.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Consuelo_Meux

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