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Saturday, June 13, 2009

ARTICLE: How to Write Twitter Updates to Sell You to Your Audience

Book and Article Marketing Coach Judy Cullins
Do you use twitter? Do you want to uplevel your twitter experience so you get far more targeted visitors to your site, establish yourself as the "go to" person in your field, be a client magnet, and sell all the products you want?
If you haven't joined Twitter yet, please come to this teleseminar and learn how to get started and make your Twitter time count. If you're frustrated your tweets aren't working, join me in this hands-on and up-to-the-minute Twitter copy "how to's" to get you the attention you deserve.
Please come if you are an author, consultant or coach, a professional speaker, a solo professional or entrepreneur, and are serious about building your business.
When you learn from Judy Cullins' vast promotional experience and create the right twitter copy to entice, encourage, entertain, and educate your Twitter followers, You'll Get These Results:
*25%+More opt-in newsletter subscribers each month.
*25% +More unique visitors each month.
*25% +More loyal clients and customers.
*Best promotion for your expertise
*More visibility in direct links to your articles, blogs, and free reports.
*More profits even in a low economy.
Judy says,
"It took me a while. I had to make this up myself. Up until now, no one out there yet gives word-by-word help for what you should say in your twitter updates known to many as tweets.  By trial and error and my own savvy marketing intuition and experience, I've come up with an easy strategy you can do. I'm ready to share with you all my secrets and specific steps to make twitter bring you what you want! It's all in the copy of your 140 character updates. If you aren't using this feature, you are missing out on attracting your market!"
Teleseminar "How to Create Twitter Updates that Sell You to your Audience"
Meets on Thurs July 30  2PM pac time, 3PM mt, 4PM ct, 5PM et  ( We do record the call, so register even if the date doesn't work for you. It will be one hour long plus Q and A time at the end.
What you Will get on This Call
Judy will give you answers for these questions:
1. What kinds of messages work the best on twitter?
2. How can set up a system of tweet updates that almost runs itself?
3. How often do I need to update my messages for big results?
4. What kinds of specific tweets do I need to write?
5. How do I know who contacts me and retweets my messages?
6. Can I do it all alone, or should I get a little help from a VA?
7. What mistakes should I avoid at all cost?
You will receive one hour of high end content and exact examples based on my specific actions and copywriting sucesses with twitter. You can follow along in your valuable workbook-study guide to make it real. At the end of this teleseminar,you may ask any question related to this material and get an instant savvy answer from Judy Cullins, a full-service book coach for 24 years, and  a savvy internet marketer for nine years.
Now you can post messages on twitter that really work to build your web presence, to specifically increase your unique visitor traffic by at least 25% each month, and to grow your business, promote your expertise, become a client magnant, and even get direct product sales.
Teleseminar Package Value- $148.00, Recession Special   only $6.95 
Good through July 26, 09
What you Get in this Package:
1. Live presentation of Judy's twitter copy and stategies that bring big business. Value $39.95.
2. Workbook-Study Guide that you'll write in during the call. Value $18.95.
2. Recording - MP3 of the call to review step by step your actions to success. Value $39.95.
3. Live Questions and Answers at end of call. Value $49.95
That's a total of $148.00 value for only $6.95!
Why only $6.95? Call this a loss leader. Call it my passion for this game I love so much I'd give it away for free (or almost free), or Call it compassion for the small business who needs specific skills without the huge cost.
Register early. The line only holds 150 people!
This is a one time opportunity for this recession special.
To sign up now and receive your work book-study guide and conference call numbers for the call click http://www.bookcoaching.com/twitter-learning.php
With Enthusiastic Service,
Judy Cullins
P.S. You already know me as the real deal. I offer real content and real value in all my products and services.
P.P.S. Share this with your friends, followers, and networks!
Book and Internet Marketing Coach Judy Cullins helps  businesses get all the clients and sell all the books they want. Author of 11 business books including How to Write your  Book Fast and Advanced Article Marketing 3-Book Special. Judy offers free articles and eBook "Book Writing and Marketing Tips" with monthly ezine subscription at http://www.bookcoaching.com
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