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Friday, April 30, 2010

Fw: 9 Solutions to Shorten Your Social Media Marketing Time

Book and Article Marketing Coach  Judy Cullins

Book Coach Says #119 May 2010

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Just putting the finishing touches on my book, "Linkedin Marketing: 8 Best Tactics to Build Book and Business Sales."

Adding to the chapter on how to shorten your social media marketing time with 8 tactics, here's 9 Solutions to Shorten your Social Media Marketing Time

1. Test monthly with Google Analytics to see how many of your Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin audience is coming and staying at your site so that your bounce rate is low. Are they just staying to read your blog and don't click any links to opt-in or buy? If your bounce rate is low, meaning the longer your audience is on your site, the better chance for book and business sales.

2. Alternate your writing for your blog, participating in your Linkedin groups, and keeping your life healthy and happy. As entrepreneurs, we always have the challenge of our work and life blending.

To me writing is my happiness. I also do a little delegating, and love my walks to the lake nearby several days a week. Like me, you can incorporate yoga and other stretches right at your work station. Before I even get out of bed, I do a short series of stretches and awaken my adrenals--all to start my day with jump out of bed energy!

3. Educate yourself on what you don't know. As a low-techie myself I practiced offline marketing many years ago that was so time consuming with a low payoff. I decided to bite the bullet 11 years ago, and got online, put a selling Web site up, wrote and used article marketing and social media promotion. Now, instead of reaching few, my messages reach over tens of thousands each month. I learned how to make my social media profitable! I made changes in where I spend my time.

And if you don't educate yourself by joining Linkedin groups, reading the how to discussions, reading a how to book, listening to a how to teleseminar, or getting one on one inexpensive coaching, you must not care enough about your book's success. Yes, it takes a village.

5. Know and accept that online marketing, especially with your blog and Linkedin updating, is the easiest and fastest way to go from unknown to known and respected.

6. Ask yourself why are you writing your book, your blog and your sales pages for your business? You want the rewards of people paying attention to your great tips and messages, don't you? You also may want to make your writing produce profits, so you can keep going with your message that makes a difference in your audience's lives.

7. Know that the author, YOU, is the one who can promote your offerings the best. You probably won't' be on Oprah, or on the Today show. Get realistic and know that if you don't spread the good news about you, who will? And with Linkedin social media, it's almost free depending on how fast you want to be noticed. With some kind on coaching, you put your right messages out sooner, and get more action sooner.

8. Invest in your book and business. It's not spending to promote and market because these are the only ways you'll get noticed. Social Media marketing guarantees financial success if you do it right. You can correct any mistakes you unknowingly make with some good advice and hands on showing how to do it.

Forget hope, and act accordingly. You can control your marketing time and make it a happy time.

9. Use Self Discipline. I define self-discipline as to stop doing what hurts me. Think about what's hurting you. Distractions like over eating, over TV watching, too much time on email?

Finally, focus on the 8 best social media tactics that will catapult you to recognition, popularity, and respect in your particular arena.


"Book Marketing and Business Visibility with Linkedin Social Media" on June 2 4PM-5:30PM Pacific Time

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Maybe you are still not a member of Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. Or, you still don't have a blog to attract your target market to your Web site. Maybe you got started and dropped out because you didn't know how to optimize your marketing. Over a year ago, I too was absent from Linkedin. It seemed daunting until I decided to go for it! Now, I'm a happy camper with focus on my right audience. I'm sure glad I did, and I want to encourage you to take a few steps now to succeed at it too.

Biggest Linkedin Benefits: Get your book known, get yourself known, get liked and trusted, so you can sell more books and boost your business profits.

And, it always takes a little mentoring to keep the ball rolling and give you enough detailed steps to make your Linkedin efforts realize big numbers at your site, followed by big sales.

To get your 8 top questions answered and to get more information and how to register on my upcoming telecoaching event with my free new book on Linkedin, go to www.bookcoaching.com/social-media-marketing.php

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She is the author of 15 personal growth and health books and 13 book writing / publishing / promotion books and 100 special reports including "Write Your eBook or Other Short Book - Fast," "Linkedin Marketing," and "Advanced Article Marketing-Nine Mistakes and Solutions." A book and Internet marketing coach for 20 years, Judy presents over 50 book/marketing seminars and teleclasses a year. Over 75 authors have published with her in the last 5 years.

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