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Friday, January 14, 2011

Is Social Media the Same As Publicity?

By Letitia Wright

Many people are doing a lot of social media because they think it is exactly the same as publicity. One person told me how they put out daily tips on Facebook and that many people thank them for the tips when they see or meet her. She felt that she got a lot of response and was happy with the dialog happening on Facebook. Facebook is a great place for your business. The Wright Rule is: Go where the eyeballs already are! Millions of people are on Facebook, so your business needs to be there also. I do not consider social media as publicity because it hardly ever results in getting a media story.
You might say, YouTube video get a lot of people on Good Morning America and on all kinds of shows. They rarely have to do with business. The videos that get a lot of attention are the latest dancing baby, or the wedding dance video or the dancing dog. It hardly ever is about something that is commercially viable. I will not say never because the Old Spice Guy (The man your man could smell like) was a big hit and he was selling a product. If you take a minute and look at the odds of putting up lots of video to get something that goes viral, you might want to do something that can get your more results.
Good old press releases still get good results. Notice I said Good. I meant that. Poorly written press releases will get you passed over. Also, trying to use a sales flyer as your press release will get you ignored. A good press release will stimulate them to use it as the written story or they will base a story off of it. You want the media to work for you. The only person getting media stories from Facebook is the guy who invented Facebook.
People say things need go viral and will even offer to make you a viral video. The truth is only the viewers determine what goes viral. People are fickle and you have to put a lot of videos up before you can hit the right nerve that makes millions of people laugh or think. By investing in real media strategies that work, you have a better chance of getting the publicity you deserve.
This is not a case against social media. I encourage everyone to take advantage of his or her Twitter, Facebook and Linked In Accounts. Learn how to use them effectively. You also need to understand the role that publicity plays in your business. It can save you money and allow you to charge more for what you do.
Dr. Wright is the founder of PR Fairy HQ, a publicity site for business owners to learn how to get the publicity they deserve. You can get a free Los Angeles Media List when you visit http://prfairyhq.com/blog/medialist
Letitia Wright - EzineArticles Expert Author

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Download the book that will help you understand your journey on the Internet. ONLY $5!