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Thursday, May 19, 2011

ARTICLE: 5 eBook Internet Marketing Strategies

Here's 5 Strategies to Market your eBook


1. Set up a Website.

So many people now sell their ebooks through Amazon and Kindle. The biggest mistake ebook authors make is to not put up a book or business Website with all their books that relate to a central theme. On that site, you need to include a sales page for each eBook or print book. Without this sales letter, you will not get many sales.

This sales page or landing page is dedicated to information about your ebook only. Include testimonials from happy readers and a bulleted list of 5-7 benefits to convince your visitor that your book is the one they must have. Aim for a short page than takes less than a minute or two to read. At the end include a "buy now" button or link that leads to the downloadable and printable PDF (portable document format).

2. Build Your Own eMail Opt-in Database List.

If you don't have something free such as a newsletter or web subscription for your visitors to opt-into at your Website, you will leave a lot of money on the table. Most people start with a newsletter, but I recommend you create a WordPress blog on your business site, and offer a subscription to opt-into to your ongoing weekly fresh posts that help your audience with their challenges. If you want a sample of how this works, see my Website. Building this list allows you to sell to them. You program your messages to go out automatically each week or so. The ratio? Three quality informational messages to one offer such as an eBook. This is where you will make most of your sales!

When people subscribe to your site or blog, you keep your message in front of them, and after some time, they trust you enough to buy from you. On average, people need to see a marketing message seven times before they will take action and place an order. As of today, I use PHPList and send my weekly messages to my data base and after 3 informational ones, I promote one of my books or MP3′s.

For my new eJunkie shopping cart, so much cheaper than One-shopping cart, you can offer discounts and more options that your audience will like.


This short book marketing piece is the tip of the volcano.

If you want more specifics and how to's get my and Shel Horowitz' teleseminar recording of "Social Media for Terrified Authors – Turning Scary Into Success" at


3. Sell Your eBook through ClickBank.

Why use ClickBank? This company has been around for many years. I've used them for at least 11 years to offer my best books in an affiliate program for a 50% commission to others who want to earn that money. With hundreds of thousands of affiliates ready to buy, it may as well, be your ebooks. It's a win-win because when you offer an affiliate program at your site, you also get 50% of the sales.

ClickBank has a neat payment processing system. If you use ClickBank you will not need to set up a merchant account with your bank in order to accept credit cards online. Setting up a publisher account with ClickBank costs $50 or so.

When people purchase at your site, if your book is offered through ClickBank, PayPal, or other credit cards, the correct URL takes care of the order and your product is delivered by download. You receive an email about your sales to keep track of them. I keep track of ClickBank and PayPal sales in computer folders for each year. If an affiliate's people buy your book,
ClickBank automatically tracks which affiliate referred the visitor and pays their commission.

4. Blog Writing to Market eBooks.

You can stay in touch with you market easier since Social Media Marketing has turned out to be THE way to share your information. When your audience visits your blog, they can ask questions and leave comments, so it's interactive and more powerful than article marketing. I turned to blogging over a year ago from article marketing. Since I used blogging combined with Twitter, FB, and LinkedIn submissions to over 30 groups I belong to, my web traffic doubled and more. My Alexa ranking went from 600,000 to about 280,000. Lower is better!

5. Integrate your 3 Top Social Media Marketing Sites.

Yes, I tweet two times a day. I include blurbs and links to my blog articles, book tips, and even pitch a few of my less-expensive products and MP3s.

For me, LinkedIn works the best for my book sales and business. Why? Because in each of the groups, you can interact, add your wisdom, and leave your blog URLS if the manager says OK. This action has brought new joint venture business, increased book and social media coaching clients and only the traffic that wants my information on writing books, blogs and websites. Of course, my group, Book Writing, Self-Publishing and Marketing for Business People is growing like crazy and that means more useful connections.

What questions do you have for me about any of these eBook marketing strategies?


This short book marketing piece is the tip of the volcano.

If you want more specifics and how to's get my and Shel Horowitz' teleseminar recording of "Social Media for Terrified Authors – Turning Scary Into Success" at


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