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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Author Yearbook Promotion - A few slots left (from Lori Soard)

Hi everyone,

I have a few more slots left in the author yearbook, if you were interested in this exciting promotion. If you sign up before December 1st, you'll get a free ad in the newsletter I'll be creating starting this coming spring (late spring) that will go to my list of 30,000 readers every quarter. If the newsletter is successful and the readers want, I'll put it out more often.

Here are some details about the yearbook promotion, which actually ads in some radio exposure as well:

  • Yearbook is in print and ebook. It is offered free in e-format to the list of 30,000 + readers, and also sent to my list of librarians and booksellers (about 3000 in all).
  • Your participation in the project includes:
    • Listing on yearbook page
    • Full page (8 1/2 x 11) personal note from you to your readers. You can do other things with this page. Just ask me :)
    • Interview/quotes throughout book
    • Radio interviews. I have a limited number of these, but have just a few left. These will go on my radio network and will also be made available to a couple of hosts I know for free use. We will also be uploading as podcasts.
    • Free ad in quarterly newsletter sent to 30,000 readers (if registering by Dec. 1st).
Some other things we're looking at is getting it hooked into some social networking and a separate website where readers can browse the book for free until it's time for the next yearbook (generally every other year). I'm open to ideas from the group for how to get the word out to even more people. Each time this project builds and snowballs bigger and bigger, which is a definite plus for those involved. This promotion is always very successful for us. I've seen an increase in sales from it and have had readers bring the book to signings for autographs. It's a good group promotion and nice way to meet new readers.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. You are welcome to share this email with others, but you might want to reserve your spot first. Remember that I only have a limited number of the radio promotion slots available and they will be first come/first serve. If you want to make sure they are still available, please email first. Or, you can sign up now by clicking on the links below.


Lori Soard

Reserve space with first payment of $96 (please note that this is a limited two month subscription. One subsequent $96.00 payment will be taken out in December and you will be invoiced separately for the final payment in February - total of 3 payments).

Pay in full and receive 10% discount
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