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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tywebbin Creations NEXT LEVEL Marketing - Online Promotion Made Easy!

Online Promotion Made Easy!
book-marketing Online Promotion Made Easy!
by Marlive Harris, TheGRITS.com
I recently had the good fortune to interview freelance writer, editor, speaker Yvonne Perry about her new eBook, Book Marketing in the Digital Age, Online Promotion Made Easy which gives authors the basic tools needed to get started with successful online book promotion. During the interview, we talked about how many authors (not necessarily the self-published ones) do not realize that they are the ones responsible for marketing their books.
Those who have discovered that their books are not selling without being marketed have many questions about how to get started and do it right. So by breaking the preparation and process down into bite-sized pieces, authors who read Yvonne’s eBook will begin to see changes in their Web ranking and book sales within just a few months of devoted use of the techniques. So how does Yvonne know what she shares in her eBook will work?  Well during her 2007 online blog tour, her book reached #2 in Amazon's bestselling books for the biomedical category!
Yvonne Perry and I have networked online for more than a year in which we have enjoyed a mutual benefit from working together. So this interview between two book promoters is a lively one and offer insight and answers to these and other questions:
  • Why did Yvonne write this new eBook to help authors with online book promotion?
  • What kinds of information are found in Book Marketing in the Digital Age?
  • Is online marketing better than traditional marketing?
  • What is the advantage of publishing an eBook over a printed book?
  • What does an author need to promote a book online?
  • What are some of the most effective book marketing tools authors can use on the Internet?
  • How does marketing fiction differ from nonfiction?
  • If someone follows this eBook, how long (on average) does it take to see some results?
  • Where can readers find out more about this eBook online?
So enjoy the interview!
Then stop by www.onlinepromotionmadeeasy.com to purchase the eBook and sign up to receive Yvonne’s email newsletter filled with more great online book promotion tips!
Marlive Harris is the founder and business owner of TheGRITS.com, an online reading and book promotion community for readers and writers of all ages!

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