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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ARTICLE: How can YOU get more eyes on your business?

Book and Article Marketing Coach  Judy Cullins

How can YOU get more eyes on your business?

Let me count the ways.... You may be using social media, but not all you could. You may have a website up, but it's not selling well because it's not current, it doesn't have a good message that stirs your audience to act, and it doesn't offer enough ways to get your visitors to sign up for free material at your site. You may love your site as it is, but is it working?

This may sound like a lot. No one likes change and doing it again, when you spent good money (I've updated my own site 5 times in the last few years). Yet, it is the way to create more qualified clients, and sell your books and products.

Yes, web marketing takes a little time. For myself, I know what works, so I am an avid "marketer who educates my best audience--coaches, business people, and emerging authors who want to write a book for credibility, and get big visibility online with social media, article marketing, to build their business."

When I promote and market almost every day, my results are heartening. For instance, after a good six months to a year of updating my Linkedin and Facebook presence and participating regularly, my unique web visitors (not hits) have risen over 25%, and are growing each month. When your website action grows each month, that's the sign it's all working. I know they are my audience because I concentrate on my quality audience, and not the numbers. When they visit my site they hang out a while (lower bounce rate) and sign up for my free reports, my new blog, and my low-cost half hour coaching opportunities. These lead to trusting me, liking me, and finally, action. And, you can do it like any of us do it, ONE STEP AT A TIME.

Don't worry about giving away the store. Sure, some will just take the freebies and nothing more, but YOUR audience, who wants your information, will appreciate it. And come to you when they need help. When you give freely to your preferred audience, it's good. Your web visitors, eZine subscribers, blog readers, and fans at Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter will appreciate your unique information, and think of you when they are ready to act.

Now, you can showcase your knowledge, credentials, wisdom and experience right now.

For the next month, I'm offering half-hour coaching sessions of a value of $175 for only $35. For each of these, I can help you with a particular part of the whole picture of writing content and online marketing. I know you want these questions answered:

1. Where do I start?
2. What are the best tactics to use? (they change a lot)
3. How do I measure what's working and what's not?

For writing and publishing your book coaching go to www.bookcoaching.com/book-coaching.php

For social media coaching/article marketing go to www.bookcoaching.com/social-media.php

Another choice? How often would you invest $400 to earn over $4000? As often as you could? Then, see my discounted 4 interactive coaching meetings to update your website with web content help, sales messages and much more at www.bookcoaching.com/web-coaching.php

Soon, I will take these specials off. I don't want you to be disappointed, so act now if this fits your needs.

With Enthusiastic Service,

P.S. For how I work in my coaching sessions, go to

Book and Internet Marketing Coach Judy Cullins helps  businesses get all the clients and sell all the books they want. Author of 11 business books including How to Write your  Book Fast and Advanced Article Marketing 3-Book Special. Judy offers free articles and eBook "Book Writing and Marketing Tips" with monthly ezine subscription at http://www.bookcoaching.com
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