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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PODCAST: New interview on Authors Access - Successfully Sell Your Books at Conferences, Craft Shows, and Fairs

On March 4th, 2010 Irene Watson moderated a roundtable with Tyler R. Tichelaar and Victor R. Volkman on how to successfully sell your books at conferences, craft shows, and regional, seasonal, and special interest fairs.   Tyler specializes in working regional craft and seasonal fairs and has achieved some remarkably good results.  Victor exhibits at professional conferences for social workers, psychologists, and mental health fairs.  Together, they addressed the  following issues:

  * Dealing with "show management"
  * Supplies You May Want to Buy as an exhibitor: tables, tablecloths, acrylic book stands and signholders, posters, Director's Chair, Tschokte items (pens, post-it notes, to give away),
  * The Fine Print: watch out for proof-of-insurance, mandatory carpet purchase, furniture rental, and more
  * Indoor vs. outdoor shows: foot traffic, weather, customers, pros and cons
  * How to lure people to your booth
  * Being prepared for any situation
  * Offering exclusive specials
  * Which shows work and which ones don't
  * Managing bathroom breaks
  * Determining whether you succeeded 
Victor R. Volkman is the owner of Loving Healing Press Inc. whose mission is "redefining what is possible for healing mind and spirit" and his press has produced more than 100 titles since its first book rolled off the press in 2004.

Tyler R. Tichelaar is the owner of Marquette Fiction which has produced five books of regional fiction spanning 150 years on the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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