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Monday, March 15, 2010

READ THIS: If You Are Truly Serious About Building Your Brand & Becoming a Successful Author/Speaker

 Are you willing to stop whining & start winning?

pr boot camp

If you had just one opportunity to really "cash in" in 2010 by learning how to build your brand, expand your platform and "crush it" in social media, would you jump on it? 
Have you signed up to work with a PR coach and be in an accountability program to ensure your success?

Or are you going to keep trying to "do it" on your own?
If you heard the call conversation with Kim Brooks and Ed Houston or read what past "campers" said about this program, you'd get off the bench and jump in and WIN in 2010!
I'm telling you the main thing all the campers have said, "I wish I had done this sooner."
Those who sign up in the next class get a bonus session with a MEDIA COACH ON HOW TO DELIVER GREAT SOUND BITES! They have over 20 years broadcasting experience as an awarding-winning talk show host! (worth $300)
PR Boot Camp
If you are an author or aspiring author, and want to learn exactly how to sell more books and get speaking engagements, this program is for you!  
 You can't afford to miss this if you're serious.
1.     I'll evaluate and improve your marketing plans.! It's easy to focus on the trees and miss that great big forest right before your eyes!  Once your book is ready for the publisher, it's time to tweak your plans for retail and bulk book sales.  I'll review your manuscript, looking specifically for potential readers and the strategies to win them. I'll save you time and energy by providing the accurate and honest feedback you'll need to succeed. I'll show you a "forest" of sales possibilities!
  1. I'll develop and refine your ideas. You have great promotional ideas. Some are easy to put into practice and others need refining. I have working knowledge of hundreds of PR strategies - and the marketing know-how to tailor your book campaign.  
3.     Tap into my wealth of PR strategies and secrets. When you've "run out of ideas" to market and sell your book, I will re-energize you!  I'll educate you on the industry and the PR principles that will win results. (See what my book selling clients say about my results!  See www.PamPerryPr.com) - and hear recent boot camp grads on this podcast at:
  1. I'll give you the contacts you need. In my two decades in PR I've amassed a rolodex full of media and publishing contacts.  I'll put you in touch with those I do know - and dig up anyone else that you need to know. YOU know I will!
  1. I'll hold you accountable. It's tempting to put off the PR tasks that are crucial to the marketing and sales of your book.  I'll guide you and hold you to the task.  You've invested too much in your book not to reap the rewards! I'll coach you to your highest potential and stick with you until you cross the finish line.
These 4 weeks can change YOUR whole year and get you on the "write" track! Plus you get 2 months of support after!
To learn more and receive your Marketing IQ Test:
I am an award-winning PR Coach, passionate about helping authors and supporting them in accomplishing their publishing dreams!
If YOU have not yet registered yourself for the PR Boot Camp and received the VIP bonus gifts, you still can! 
There are 2 spaces left and the online class "officially"
starts Tuesday night!

Starts This Tuesday, March 16!
Don't miss out and wonder, "What if..."
  • What results would I have created IF I had been in this PR BOOT CAMP?
  • What goal could I have manifested IF I was held accountable week after week for 90 days?
  • Who would I have become IF I got personally coached by Pam?
  • How much could my brand have grown IF I let myself receive a bigger way of thinking?
  • What kind of contacts and connections could I have made IF I had taken advantage of the PR BOOT CAMP?
Here are some BIG goals for this year to strive for:
    • Making an extra $50k 
    • Finishing your book
    • Getting a corporate sponsor
    • Launching your Internet TV show with 1000 viewers
    • Selling 10,000 books this year 
    • Getting on major TV and radio shows
    • Creating a platform where you speak 3 to 4 times a month that generates $20,000/month 
You are NOT going to want to miss out on YOUR dreams and sit by watching others create theirs...

Remember...there are only 2 spaces left & the teleclass begins Tuesday! Do this for YOURSELF!
As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Do the thing and you will have the power."

To your Success,
P.S. Go here now and register to get the FREE hour of BROADCAST MEDIA COACHING to make you a "branding superstar" in interviews - www.PRBootCamponline.eventbrite.com

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