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Friday, September 24, 2010

Book Marketing Newsletter -- Resources for Promoting Your Book

In today's issue of The Savvy Book Marketer newsletter, you'll find these book marketing resources:

- Guide to Publishing for the Kindle with Amazon's Digital Text Platform
- Bowker Launches New Online Submission Service for Book Proposals
- Downloadable Website Icon
- Book Blogs and Review Sites
- Copywriting Resource
- Follow One Author's Marketing Journey
- Does Social Networking Really Sell Books?
- Re-engage Inactive Subscribers on Your Mailing List
- Complimentary Mini-Course and Teleseminar from Kathleen Gage
- Are Podiobooks Right for You?

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Happy Book Selling!

Guide to Publishing for the Kindle with Amazon's Digital Text Platform

If you want to make your book available for the Amazon Kindle ebook reader, check out April Hamilton's complimentary guide to formatting books for Kindle. This 58-page guide is packed with detailed instructions and screen shots. For more information about publishing in ebook format, see this article.

Bowker Launches New Online Submission Service for Book Proposals

Bowker recently launched an online manuscript submission service, allowing authors to present their book proposals to publishers in one central location. Acquisition editors can sort through proposals and zero in on the ideas they find most interesting.  Bowker Manuscript Submissions is patterned after the successful Christian Manuscript Submissions service that's managed by the Christian publishers association.
Downloadable Website Icons

If you're looking for icons to use on your website or blog, check out this list of no-cost graphics.

Book Blogs and Review Sites
Step-By-Step Self-Publishing has put together an extensive list of book review sites and blogs that review self-published books.
If you're an author or publisher of books for young adults, check out this list of 50 YA book blogs.

Copywriting Resource

When you need to find just the right sales-oriented words and phrases for your book sales copy, take a look at this copywriting swipe file from Alice Seba. This no-cost resource is packed with great headline ideas, power phrases, calls to action and more. I printed out a copy to keep next to my computer.

Follow One Author's Marketing Journey

On this blog, novelist Mark Fadden offers an interesting behind the scenes look at his activities in promoting his latest book, The Brink. He even shares sales figures for the book over time.

Does Social Networking Really Sell Books?

It can be hard to track the sale of books directly to social networking (especially if your books are sold through retailers) but I strongly believe that social networking, if done effectively, develops relationships that lead to book sales and other opportunities. Learn more in this article.

To make sure you're using social networks most effectively, check out my Facebook Guide for Authors and Twitter Guide for Authors, as well as The Savvy Book Marketer's Guide to Successful Social Marketing (which includes the Facebook and Twitter guides).

Re-engage Inactive Subscribers on Your Mailing List

This article from leading opt-in list provider Aweber offers an interesting technique for re-engaging inactive subscribers who haven't opened or clicked through on your messages for an extended period of time.

Complimentary Mini-Course and Teleseminar from Kathleen Gage

Kathleen Gage is one of my online marketing mentors and I've learned a lot from her over the past several years. Right now, Kathleen is offering two no-cost learning opportunities:

First, sign up for her five-day mini-course, 3 Simple Steps to Begin Making Money Online Right Now!
Nonfiction authors should also check out Kathleen's no-cost teleseminar, How to Make Money with Teleseminars, on October 7 at 5 p.m. PST.  Her events tend to fill up quickly, so it's best to sign up right away. Don't worry if you're not available on that date--the recording will be made available to anyone who registers.

Are Podiobooks Right for You?

Podiobooks are serialized audiobooks broken down into 30-40 minute episodes. These downloadable audio segments can be given away as samples for marketing purposes, or sold on your own website or through iTunes. In this article author Meredith Greene shares her experience with podiobooks.

Savvy Book Marketer Guides

Want more in-depth information about marketing your books? Check out these Savvy Book Marketer Guides at www.SavvyBookMarketer.com.

- Selling Your Book to Libraries
- Successful Social Marketing
- Twitter Guide for Authors
- Facebook Guide for Authors


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