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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meet Karen Taylor Bass, Blogger of the The Brand New Mommy & @PRExpert via @pamperry

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Meet Karen Taylor Bass, Blogger of the The Brand New Mommy and PR Expert - Jan 19,2011

2011-01-18 22:43:22-05

At 37, I got married and had an instant family (simply add water and stir). www.TheBrandNewMommy.com

I decided to leave my hi-profile PR job to enjoy and get to know my new family. My bonus son, Sebastian, had tragically lost his mommy on September 11th. I was determined to love Sebastian and give him the mommy love he needed post September 11.

At 40, God blessed me with  a baby and an unpredictable pregnancy; I was diagnosed with placenta previa eight months into my pregnancy, which caused me to be hospitalized and on bed rest for 6 weeks.

I remained prayerful throughout my blessing that all would be well.

I delivered baby Sofia via C-section,  experienced internal clotting, which led to 2 blood transfusions and by the miracle of God I was introduced to my baby nine hours after giving birth.

The journey allowed me to  breast feed for one year, gain 40 pounds,and experience mild postpartum. My  self-esteem and "brand" plummeted to an all time low.

With the support and coaxing of my husband, I joined a support group and slowly started the healing process and today stronger than ever.

137 Pounds- The Brand New Mommy; June 2010

With the economy on a decline,  the lack of strategic opportunities for "experienced" public relations professionals I was forced to re-evaluate my next steps.

At the tender age of 43, I  experienced an "Aha" moment, after talking to many moms in the same predicament as myself … moms looking to recapture self, renew and redefine their purpose/brand.

At that very  moment, thebrandnewmommy.com was conceived and now delivered to you with love.

Karen Taylor Bass, The PR Expert, provides entrepreneurs, corporations, and mompreneurs with essential branding, marketing, and public relations coaching; www.karentaylorbass.com and www.taylormademediapr.com.

Follow her on twitter @PREXPERT to read her daily tips on boosting your brand and @TheBrandNewMom for strategies on renewing and re-defining mommy-hood.

At the BNM we love exceptional women friendly products, feedback, and your insight.

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