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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Planning Your Writer's Website 7: Your Brilliant Introduction

Your Brilliant Introduction

Web experts say that the About page is the second-most read page on a site, after the Home page, and it seems obvious that the only reason to go to the About page is because the other pages have piqued that reader's interest.

So don't waste the real estate. Make your About page really count for you.

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That's enough of the housekeeping; let's get on with the topic:

Here are five things your About page can do for you, more or less in the order they appear in the text itself.

1. Introduction

Whenever you meet anyone, you explain the connection. "Hi, I'm the new guy." "I'm here to pick up the pizza." "I met you at a conference last year." Your reader has come to your site for the specific thing you offer. Make that really clear in your About page. Yes, one sentence.

2. The Transformation

The next paragraph tells your reader the transformation your book offers. Whether it's a laugh, valuable knowledge, change of worldview or a deep spiritual rejuvenation, every book promises a transformation. In the next two to three sentences tell your reader what that transformation is and why your reader will value it.

3. The Road to Transformation

In the next two paragraphs, you talk about what that transformation has meant to you and how you came to write the book. Here is where you put your qualifications, and you will include kudos and sample testimonials from readers.

4. Call to Action

In the last paragraph, you will invite your reader to do something specific, whether it's to join your mailing list or buy your book. Make it clear and direct, with easy-to-follow instructions and a clickable link.

Who You Are to Your Reader

Your About page is not so much about who you are, your resume, your life story, as it is about who you are to your reader. Your website presents you as a valued authority in your field. Use your About page to show why that trust is well placed.

ACTION STEP: Download the About page template at Scribd. It offers questions and a structure to make your About page the most engaging way to meet and get acquainted with your readers.

Sometimes we get too close to our own work to make these basic marketing decisions. Contact me if you'd like some help in developing a marketing plan for your writer's website.

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