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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Internet Marketers Are Looking For Writers!

The number of people becoming involved in internet marketing is growing exponentially. If they are getting the right training or mentoring, then they are being told to outsource what they cannot do, or what they do not enjoy doing.

Nowhere is this more important that with SEO content writing: blog writing, article writing, social media posts and e-book writing.

You see, writing is not everyone's specialty, and even if it is, many internet marketers find it a time-consuming part of their campaigns. While they understand that SEO content writing is vital for traffic and link generation, they often prefer more stimulating stuff - product creation, filming videos, recording interviews and the like.
For them therefore, getting someone else to do their article writing - and all other types of writing - makes good business sense. As with any other industry internet marketers are more productive when they are doing things they enjoy.

The Work Is There - Go Get It!

If, like me, writing is your thing, then this industry is providing a 'business on a platter' for you. There is so much work available for writers who have learned how to create SEO (search engine optimized) content - and it's not difficult. And the great thing is, almost everyone can do it - from old folks, stay at home moms and teenagers - especially if you know a particular topic well.

Internet marketers are not looking for journalists for this work - for one thing, they won't pay journalist rates. And it is not Pulitzer Prize writing that they are seeking. They want material that is topic-specific, with correct keyword placement, good grammar and spelling.

Knowing how to assemble a good article is perhaps the first step, as article marketing is one of the most often used techniques for getting links and traffic. Articles can be posted to publication sites as well as on the marketers blog or website - great, original content.

How Much Will You Earn?

There is no easy answer to this. When you start out, you must expect to work for less than ideal rates per job, especially if you are using one of the many freelancing sites to find jobs. You will need to build credibility with good ratings, so that prospective clients will look favorably on your bid.

If you complete your task to a high standard, you will be offered repeat business. As you build a relationship with the client and demonstrate your reliability and quality of work, you are in a position to ask for more per job. Do the right thing by your client, and they will reward you with loyalty.

I look after my clients, and never deliver substandard work. And I recruit writers as well, some I have had for several years, others never get invited back.

Bottom line? Research what is out there, get good basic training, and give it a go. Don't expect to make millions initially, but work on building a strong, high quality client base, and like me, you will have the beginning of a great, rewarding, home-business.

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Download the book that will help you understand your journey on the Internet. ONLY $5!