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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[Motown Writers Network] Dec 2nd Michigan Literary Network Radio Show Lineup @ 5

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Michigan Literary Radio Show

1.  Guest:  Ann Eskridge                                     Call-in Time:  5 p.m.

Guest summary: Eskridge is an accomplished writer of various forms including books, plays and screenwriting; she has also written for magazines and newspapers and has served as a video/television producer and director on several media projects.  Eskridge is currently the Director of the African American Studies Program and teaches at the University of Detroit Mercy, as well as teaches scriptwriting for various workshops and writing forums.


Ann Eskridge Bio:

I have been involved with media for almost 30 years. I hold a BA in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma, an MA in Telecommunications from Michigan State University, and an MFA in Creative Writing at Spalding University in Kentucky.


I have written freelance articles for American Visions Magazine about the Underground Railroad, Learning Magazine, Detroiter Magazine, The Detroit News, and American Profile Magazine--a Sunday national supplement.


I was chosen to participate in the American Film Institute's Summer Dramatic Scriptwriting Workshop, The Warner Brother's Regional Comedy Development Workshop, and the Sundance Institute's Children's Playwriting Workshop, three of the most prestigious workshops on film and playwriting in the country.


I have written for stage and screen including the PBS Wonderworks movie, Brother Future, which won a Director's Guild Award, a CEBA Award of Distinction and a National Programming Award.


My  book, The Sanctuary, Cobblehill, 1994, was chosen as one of the 400 best children's books for that year and was optioned by Producer Bill Blinn (Fame), and Sundance. Although the book is out of print, Amazon sells used copies. 


Two monologues from the play are included in Childsplay, an anthology of children's play monologues. Listen as two young actors do one of the monologues.


The Sanctuary was also the basis for a children's grief and bereavement program at Detroit's Children's Center, funded by the National Funeral Directors Association.


As a producer and writer, I wrote the documentary: Black Communities After the Civil War: Echoes Across the Prairie: a documentary about Oklahoma's black towns, which won a 1998 Gold Apple Award at the National Educational Media Network and was part of two museum displays. I am the producer and writer of a series of college "vignettes" for cell phone downloads in China called American Life, retitled: Crazy English.


My non-fiction book, Slave Uprisings and Runaways: Fighting for Freedom and the Underground Railroad, was published by Enslow Publishers in 2004. I have finished working on a Young Adult fiction book on the Underground Railroad. And am writing a contemporary fiction book about an energy healer.


I taught writing and scriptwriting at Wayne State University and currently teach at the University of Detroit Mercy, where I am now the Director of the African American Studies Program. I also teach scriptwriting for various workshops and writing forums. 

        2.  Guest:  Dangerous Lee            Call-in Time:  5:30 p.m.

Guest summary: Lee is multi-talented, and author of her current self-published book "Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down," and the short erotic story "Till Death Do Us Part." 


Dangerous Lee Bio:


Dangerous Lee is an author, actor, activist, painter, and internet radio personality. Her short erotic story "Till Death Do Us Part" was featured in Zane's NY Times Best Selling "Succulent - Chocolate Flava 2". Dangerous Lee also runs her own internet radio show "Ask Dangerous Lee Live" and has co-hosted The Radio Happy Hour with Dr. Blogstein, both on the Blog Talk Radio network. She has left internet radio behind to focus on self publishing her first book, "Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down", a book of erotic short stories with an emphasis on HIV education.


About the book "Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down":


"Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down" is a guide to exciting safe sex. Through the six tales contained in this book you will be entertained, educated, and eroticized.

The title of the book are words my grandmother said to me and her other granddaughters when we were growing up as a warning to not have sex.  After all, if you're not equipped with the knowledge of the bad things that can happen when you have good sex you should not be having sex. This book is dedicated to her memory.

Working in HIV prevention I have learned a lot and I have had the pleasure of sharing my knowledge with thousands of people. With this book I want to reach millions more, not simply for fame and fortune but because millions of people lack the need to know information contained in the pages of this book.

People aged 13-24 have the highest new HIV infection rates and African Americans and Latinos have the highest infection rates in the United States. I equate a huge chunk of this problem with the lack of prevention education and sex education in our schools. Abstinence only programs do us no good. Abstinence is fine, but we must also educate ourselves and our babies with the proper information so that when they're ready to get busy they can do it safely.

We must keep it real when we discuss sex and inside the pages of "Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down" I get real nasty, real sexy, real deep, and speak the real truth about HIV.

3.  Guest:  Tamara Patterson                             Call-in Time:  5:50 p.m.

Guest summary: Patterson is the author of non-fiction book "Issues of the Heart."


Tamara Patterson Bio:


Tamara McLaughlin Patterson grew up in a large southern family as the seventh of eight children. Though she did not fully appreciate the sharing, the bickering, and the crowded bed space that defined her family life back then, she has grown to love and value her past experiences.  "It is a combination of those good times, bad times, and the people God surrounded me with, that have strongly influenced my life. Though growing up poor was not always a bed of roses, I would never change a thing.  It is those struggles that are responsible for my compassion, my willingness to give, my ability to be patient, my appreciation for the little things and my desire to love, regardless of the circumstances."


Tamara is a licensed minister at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC under the leadership of Bishop George W. Brooks.  Called to the offices of teacher and evangelist, she has earned an associate's degree in Biblical Studies and is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in the same, at One In Christ Bible College in Greensboro.


With her husband, Julian, Tamara served in the Deacons' Ministry at Mt. Zion for over five years (until answering God's call to preach the Gospel) and co-facilitates a premarital class, "Before You Say I Do".  She has two adorable step -children, Jermaine and Arthur, and a wonderful godson, Charlie (Devin).  Her inspiration comes from the many friends, family members, co-workers, and acquaintances who have entrusted her with their issues, because they value Godly counsel.


About the book "Issues of the Heart"

In a world where women are more educated, more powerful, and more equipped to succeed than ever before, it's ironic that so many beautiful, intelligent, and influential women find themselves in situations of deceit, abuse and self-destruction.  The first purpose of Issues of the Heart is to help women take a long, hard, and analytical second look at their current involvements - and not only ask, how did I get here?  But, should I remain here?  Second, Issues of the Heart provides wisdom, strength, and encouragement, through sound biblical instruction, to recognize, and then move from, bad situations to deliverance, emotional healing and spiritual peace.


Addressing issues that women deal with regulary, but far too often considered taboo in the church, Issues of the Heart covers a variety of topics: sex; poor choices in men; death; eating disorders; the absence of the father;  being a responsible employee; and others.  In this awesome collection of poetry, straight talk, applicable scriptures, and powerful prayers of deliverance, the overall message remains the same:  Regardless of your past, your mistakes, your pains, or regrets, God desires to give you peace, and heal the issues of your heart.

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