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Friday, February 20, 2009

Free Book Listing Update

Free Book Listing Update

Author101 has sent you a message on Author and Book Event Center

Greetings authors! Thank you so very much for sending me your book info. I have "caught up" on listings. If you have yet to email me your book title and ISBN which is available on Amazon.com, please email them to me at chipanugget@ juno.com and I´ll get them listed.
This is the link to page 1 of 2, http://bookeventcen ter.ning. com/page/ all-books. If you do not see your book listed, it could be one of these reasons:
*Your book is not listed at Amazon.com or you may have sent the wrong ISBN.
*You do not have an image on Amazon.com
*You sent multiple titles, that´s okay, but I am trying to space out authors individual titles and the balance of your titles will soon appear.
*I might have messed something up adding your book (go figure! LOL). Please re-send information.
For some reason, I sent out 376 of this notification and my sent messages showed only 114 sent. So if you all could forward this message to other "authors" on your friends list, I would appreciate it.
We have over 400 authors here (many with more than 1 book), but I have received only a handful of books to list. If you haven´t, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this for your benefit as well as helping to support our site.
You are all wonderful!!! ! Thanks for everything you do to help promote us!
Warmest Regards,

To reply to this message, click here: http://bookeventcen ter.ning. com/profiles/ message/listInbo x

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