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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Social Media Super Stars Series on The Synergy Energy Show

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Social Media Super Stars Series
on The Synergy Energy Show
during Black History Month
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Are You Savvy on the 'Net Yet?
Do you know how to use social media to:

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 * Market Your Book

     * Grow Your Business

*Brand Your Ministry

Tune in to hear the top social media mavericks and mavens on The Synergy Energy Show during Black History Month!
We are partnering for power. "Yes, We Can!"

 Click here to see video of Dr. Ben Carson talking about
"Return to Glory"
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When: Saturdays during Black History Month
            from 4 to 5 p.m. EST

How:   Call in, listen in or download later

During Black History Month, it's important to honor our history-makers & it's equally important to make history too!  This Social Media Super Star Series on Saturdays will highlight the best in the business.

We'll be interviewing top: Virtual book tour publicists, podcasters, infopreneurs, internet marketers, business coaches, copywriters and digital media consultants.

Call-in Number:  (646) 716-6964

Live from 4-5 pm EST every Saturday!

As my mentor George Fraser says,
 "Team work makes the Dream work - so let us build."
It's all about synergy energy. Working smarter, not harder --- as partners.
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synergy energy
Pam Perry and George Fraser
"we click"

Who are the Social Media Super Stars
 that will be on the Synergy Energy Show?

Feb. 7  Hear the first 3 today...from 4 to 5 p.m. EST
Lucinda Cross! As a single mother who was known as "the corporate drop out" I love working from home.  I enjoy every bit of being 100% entrepreneur.  As a virtual assistant and transitioning into a Virtual Assistant Coach and trainer I look forward to supporting other professionals in this industry as well as training other corporate drop out learn how to make money in their PJ's.

I have been doing this type of work for over 5 years and have been in biz for 5 years. 

Outsource and Delegate that's the only way I can see doing biz and I hope you can too.  See my video at  www.ultimatevasupport.com

Andrew Morrison is the founder of Small Business Camp - an entrepreneurial training and marketing services firm. In February of 2007, he trained 1,200 entrepreneurs in Nigeria, West Africa. The company delivers an intensive 2-day program that allows the participants to walk-in with just an idea and leave with a marketing plan, public relations strategy, money-making website, direct-mail campaign and 90 days of follow-up coaching. Visit www.SmallBusinessCamp.com to register for his FREE business building tele-seminar. He will be in Detroit next week doing a FREE seminar. Check his website.

Lawrence McCutchen  (part of the Small Business Camp)

www.twitter.com/ SideHustleCoach

I help people take their side hustle and make it profitable.  Let me help you live your passions. He's on linked in, facebook, twitter, nings, .....

Who are we Featuring in the upcoming weeks?

*complete profile and photos to come. watch your email!
Feb. 14
William Moss, social media pioneer
"My legacy in the making. TVOne, HBCUConnect, BlackNews, DiversityInc, etc." www.HBCUconnect.com

Therese Prentice, social networking expert
Social networking expert, lifestyle and business coach.  www.socialnetworkingqueen.com

Feb. 21
Kevin Lankford www.SixfigureEconomyPro.info
Sanyika Calloway www.TVpublicityExpert.com

Feb. 28
Tynisha Thompson www.booksavvymedia.com
Marlive Harris www.thegrits.com
Karen Taylor Bass www.taylormademedia.com

lady on computer

Other Social Media "super stars" in the book publicity space. These are Chocolate Pages friends & members!

  • LaShaunda Hoffman www.sormag.com
  • Yasmin Coleman      www.APOOObooks.com
  • Dana Pittman           www.niapromotions.com
  • Marina Woods         www.goodgirlbookclubonline.com
  • Tyora Moody          www.tywebbin.com
  • Dee Stewart             www.deestewart.com
  • Monique Caradine  http://momentum-media.tv
  • Veda Brown            www.blackgospelpromo.com

Join our network at www.ChocolatePagesNetwork.com Chocolate pages


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