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Monday, February 9, 2009

Fw: Registration is open for February Teleseminars

SORMAG's Teleseminar - February
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  What is a teleseminar?
A teleseminar is workshop or lecture held over the phone.  Those in attendance dial into a phone conference.  The presenter talks about a subject and answers questions.  A great way to attend workshops without leaving your home. 
(Please note there is long distance costs with each seminar)
Seminar Presenters:
Shelia M. Goss' journey into the literary world began several years
 ago. She's received recognition in Writer's Digest and The New York Times. Her books have been on bestsellers lists such as the Dallas Morning News, Essence Magazine, and Black Expressions Book Club. My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns (Violets are true), Paige's Web, and Double Platinum are published under Kensington Books Urban Soul imprint. Be on the lookout for two new books in 2009 from Shelia - His Invisible Wife (July 2009) and her first teen book, The Ultimate Test (June 2009). For additional information, visit her website:
Tyora Moody is a writer and web developer. The owner of Tywebbin Creations is also a social network enthusiast. You can find her online at two of her favorite networks, Facebook and Twitter. For more marketing tips and ideas, be sure to stop by the NEXT LEVEL Marketing blog at http://www.tywebbin.com/next.
Monica Carter Tagore is the author of Zoom Power: Your Key to Hitting Your Personal, Business and Financial Targets. She is a small business owner who has leveraged relationships to make an impact. Her organization shares information on personal development at www.KnowledgeWealthSeries.com.
 Cheryl Lacey-Donovan is an acclaimed author, educator, inspirational speaker and compelling advocate for personal empowerment. Cheryl has been recognized nationally for her work. She has been the featured author on radio talk shows such as Artist First, Power Talk FM, An Hour to Empower with Mo and Mickey, Urban Echoes' Voices and Vibes, The Renee Bobb Show, Awaken Talk Radio, and many others. Her interviews have also appeared in Empowering African American Women Magazine, Swaggie's Blog Spot, AA Kulture Zone, The Book Suite, and Women's Self Esteem. She was  awarded the Literary Power Award in 2007 by Pen of the Writer and she was nominated in several categories for the Infini Awards. Cheryl was featured in the inaugural season of What Shall We Read, a literary program which airs on CAN-TV in Chicago. She appeared as a featured guest on Great Day Houston (KHOU) and was inducted into the 2008 Who's Who in Black Houston. 

Dwan Abrams is a full-time novelist, freelance editor, publisher and speaker. She's the best-selling author of Married Strangers, Divorcing the Devil, Only True Love Waits, The Scream Within, and Favor (a short story appearing in The Midnight Clear anthology). She's also the founder, publisher, and editorial director of Nevaeh Publishing, a small press independent publishing house.

Victoria Christopher Murray is the author of seven adult novels including, Temptation, A Sin and A Shame and The Ex Files.  She's also written a teen series called The Divine Divas which has been optioned to become a television series for BET.  She's presently in talks with a major production company for her second novel JOY.  Victoria's first novel was nominated for an NAACP Image Award in Outstanding Literature and in 2008, her novel Too Little, Too Late won Novel of the Year at the African American Literary Awards Show.  All of Victoria's novels have been top Essence best sellers.
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Teleseminars 2009

Three Benefits To Taking A Teleseminar.  shaun

1.  Low Cost - Each teleseminar is only 25.00.
2.  You can listen anywhere - You can listen to the teleseminar in the comforts of your home or while you're doing your grocery shopping.  Never miss a workshop because you can't sit in a class room for an hour.
3.  Experienced Presenters - All our teleseminar presenters have been in the publishing business for a while and are willing to share their wisdom.
Are you looking for something to do with that big income tax refund?  Invest in yourself, pick a seminar and register TODAY
FEB - The Query - Making It Easier
February 10, 2009
8:00 pm Eastern Time
1 Hour Workshop
Seminar Presenter: Shelia M. Goss
Registration Deadline:  Feb 9, 2009
COST: $25.00
The Query - Making It Easier

Topic 1: What Is a Query Letter and Why is it Important?
Topic 2 : Let's Write It
Topic 3 & 4: Bonus: Synopsis - What Should It Include?
COST:  $25.00
Buy Now 
FEB - Power Relationships 101:

February 9, 2009
8:00 pm Eastern Time
1 Hour Workshop
Seminar Presenter: Monica Carter Tagore
Registration Deadline: Feb 9, 2009
Cost: $25.00
Power Relationships 101: How to Leverage Connections to Advance at Work and in Business

Do you wish you had more money or access to opportunities? If you're wondering how you can get ahead at work, take your business to the next level or start working on a key goal, then your relationships could be the answer. Find hidden profit and advancement opportunities when you learn how to properly tap into your connections.

Learn how to get more of what you want by tapping into your relationships to gain influence, grow income and create impact. It's not necessary to own everything to have access to a lot of things. Do what well-connected people do: Leverage the relationships you already have to get to where you want to go.

Personal development author Monica Carter Tagore shows you how to leverage your relationships in an ethical and effective way so you get ahead. Properly leveraged relationships can help you:

Advance at work
Grow your business
Gain access to special events
Find and take advantage of opportunities
Get funding for your business, organization or other endeavor
... More

There is a right way to use your relationships and there is a wrong way. Learn effective tips for turning what -- and who -- you know into a way to prosper and grow.
COST: $25.00
Buy Now
FEB - How to Build Your Author Platform
February 17, 2009
1 hour Workshop
8:00pm Eastern Time
COST: $25.00
Seminar Presenter:  Cheryl Lacey-Donovan
Registration Deadline:  Feb 15, 2009
What's your platform? This is a question that all authors should be prepared to answer. Cheryl has developed a seminar that will help you to establish your platform.   You will learn what an author's platform is and why you need one, how to develop a platform, and how to establish yourself as an expert in your field. 
COST: $25.00
 Buy Now
FEB - How to Get on Talk Radio Programs
February 24, 2009
1 hour Workshoop
8:00pm Eastern Time
Seminar Presenter:  Cheryl Lacey-Donovan
Registration Deadline:  Feb 22, 2009
COST $25.00
Talk radio interviews are custom made for non-fiction authors who want affordable national exposure.
Cheryl Donovan has been the guest for many online and mainstream radio shows.
In this seminar Cheryl will offer tips on how to get talk radio hosts interested in your book.

COST: $25.00
Buy Now
Looking for the perfect gift?  SORMAG Gift Certificates makes an excellent gift.  
Gift Certificates start at $25.00 and can be used to promote on SORMAG or attend workshops. 
Order your gift certificates today - sormag@yahoo.com
MAR - Social Networking Tips for Authors
March 2, 2009
8:00 pm Eastern Time 
1 Hour Workshop
Seminar Presenter: Tyora Moody
Registration Deadline:  Feb 28, 2009
COST: $25.00

Social Networking Tips for Authors

Myspace.com. Facebook.com. Ning.com. Twitter.com. The list goes on.

This one hour teleseminar will help you narrow down the social networks that are most beneficial to your online marketing plan. You will also be provided with tips on how to manage your time.
COST: $25.00 
Buy Now
MAR - Generating and Keeping Publicity For Your Book
March 3, 2009
1 hour Workshop
8:00pm Eastern Time
Seminar Presenter:  Cheryl Lacey-Donovan
Registration Deadline:  Mar 1, 2009
Publicity is one of the most powerful forms of advertising. Even the worst book can become a best seller with the right publicity.

You will learn:
The difference between publicity and marketing
How to utilize resources that can help you get publicity for your book
How to write a pitch letter
COST: $25.00 
Buy Now 
MAR - Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing
March 10, 2009
6:00 pm Eastern Time
1 Hour Workshop
Seminar Presenter: Dwan Abrams
Registration Deadline: March 7, 2009
Cost: $25.00
Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing
You've finished your manuscript, now what? This workshop will help you determine whether self-publishing or traditional publishing is right for you.
Topic 1: Different types of self-publishing
Topic 2: How to approach mainstream publishers
COST: $25.00 

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MAR - How to Edit Your Novel Into A Bestseller
March 17, 2009 
8:00 pm Eastern Time
2 Hour Workshop
Seminar Presenter: Victoria Christopher Murray
Registration Deadline:  Mar 15, 2009
Cost: $25.00

What top authors know is that writing is only 10%, the success comes from the 90% that is editing.  It is the editing process that adds depth and breadth to any novel. 
The lecture will include: why is editing important, what exactly is editing, what should you look for (and be doing) when editing, how many times should you edit, why is self-editing important if you already have an editor.

 Buy Now
APR - Do You Really Need an Editor?
April 7, 2009
6:30 pm Eastern Time
1 Hour Workshop
Seminar Presenter: Dwan Abrams
Registration Deadline: April 4, 2009
Cost: $25.00

Do You Really Need an Editor?

This workshop will discuss the role of an editor, as well as the different types of editors. Students will learn what to look for when seeking editing services. They will also learn what an editor is not.
COST: $25.00

Buy Now
MAY - Getting Started with Blogging
May 4, 2009
8:00 pm Eastern Time  
1 Hour Workshop
Seminar Presenter:  Tyora Moody
Registration Deadline:  May 1, 2009
COST:  $25.00
Getting Started with Blogging

This one hour teleseminar will provide you with getting started tips for using two of the most popular blogging platforms, Blogger.com and Wordpress.
COST: $25.00
Buy Now 
Click on the Buy Now Button to make your selection.  Once the payment is received in paypal you will receive an email that will include the info and telephone number for the workshop.  If you don't receive an email in 24hrs contact sormag@yahoo.com
That's what's happening at SORMAG Workshops this month.
Thank you for being a part of SORMAG's community.  We appreciate you. 
See ya on the net,

LaShaunda Hoffman

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