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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ok, playtime is over. Time to get YOUR PR in line for 2009!

Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.
Ok, playtime is over! Time to get down to business!
 Are you ready to get your PR in gear this year?
Let me help you get some real
 success strategies in 2009 and
get FREE Bonuses!

It's your time to kick it up a notch!
 Want to get in the second PR Boot Camp
and get in gear for the year!?

Pam Perry PR Camp

Have you ever wanted a PR coach---someone you could talk to about your book and ministry goals, someone who would mentor you, help you stick to deadlines, and give you a gentle push whenever you felt creatively blocked or hit a brick wall?

Someone who would help you "crack the code" of internet marketing?
Better yet, wouldn't it be great to learn how to do your own marketing and PR to get media hits and secure tons of free publicity that  would get you a lot of  speaking engagements as a result.  To learn how to really plan and market online and offline - continuously.

What if you could take part in a program where you can learn strategies that would catapult you to incredible heights in your writing career? 

plan it
Well, now you can!
You can get in the next 4-week PR Boot Camp starting Tuesday,  Feb. 17.
 You will get the answers to your questions and
some direction for your book campaign.
You will get resources and the perfect ad plan to reach the masses.


Here is what one of our "campers" said:

staniceIf you're financially able to hire a publicist and marketing agency, seriously consider retaining Ministry Marketing Solutions.  However, if you like me and not financially able YET, (operative word is YET) you must sign up for the owner and Chief Visionary's, Pam Perry, PR & Marketing Boot Camp like I did.  If you actively participate you will be well on your way to building a brand that will last, taking your ministry to the next level; and, on the right track to becoming financially fit.

Pam Perry's PR & Marketing Boot camp armed me with practical and indispensible tools that are helping assure success in fulfilling my call to share through writing, speaking, and the performing arts, that faith, prayer and sharing our testimonies empower us to walk out God's word in Revelation 12:11,  "We overcome by the  Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony" and  Jeremiah 29:11, God says, I alone know the plans I have for you, plans for prosperity and not disaster, plans to give you a future and a hope."

While I've had a internet presence since 1999, there was a lot I didn't know about how to use it to my full advantage; especially keeping up with the ever increasing technology and social networking options.  The boot camp covered how to best use those options, but also how to monetize your brand, write press releases, media alerts, how to pitch the media, press kits, how to keep people coming back to your website, blogs, how to maximize use of Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

Pam Perry's PR & Marketing Boot Camp, is professionally executed with a carefully designed mix of one-on-one sessions that help personalize your experience; group teleconferences; individual and group strategy sessions, teleseminars and lectures, written and research exercises, email communication, as well as helping the participants form collaborative alliances; which she dubs, Snergy Energy.

I've practically and easily implemented many of Pam Perry's suggestions, and they are working!  I've established a more impactful and brand conscious presence on twitter, facebook, and other social network; as well as initiated a more interactive blog and website.

Her teaching technique is easy-like-Sunday-morning, peppered with personal and professional anecdotes, with a touch of humor to make the information more desert-like than medicinal.
Stanice Anderson
Author of "I Say a Prayer for Me,
" Inspirational Speaker and Performance Artist

I only accept no more than a few people nationally at a time and you will be in a group coaching session (going over your PERSONAL strategy via email).
As your PR coach, I am like  . . .
  • Your own personal trainer to enable you to achieve your book goals .                      
  • Your sounding board when making choices.
  • Your motivation when strong actions are called for.
  • Your unconditional support when you take a hit.
  • Your mentor during the PR process.
  • Your inspiration telling you that you can do this.
  • And most importantly, your partner in helping you achieve success with your book.
How does coaching work?
You now know what coaching actually is, so how does it work?

Well, I use:
  • Numerous and individual sessions on the telephone to clarify your strategy and plan
  • Numerous sessions using email (fieldwork will be given)
  • Group coaching through the telephone (teleclass)
During each coaching session I will discuss and explore your book's goals, wins, challenges and opportunities as well as develop fieldwork and special reports.
Fieldwork isn't like the homework you were assigned in school.
It consists of action steps to move you closer toward your goals and dreams.

You bring the agenda and I bring the coaching skills to create a partnership that moves you forward. (You will be given materials to read before we start)
But before we start, you must fill out a questionnaire (request it by send an email to pamperry@ministrymarketingsolutions.com) - this way I can diagnose your current PR Plan and see if I can provide a prescription or strategy for you through the program. (I only want to help those who I know I can truly help and led by God to assist!) 
You will be provided a phone # to call in at the scheduled time each week (or listen to the podcast up to 48 hours later).

We will meet on Tuesdays from 9 to 10 p.m. - but the classes are taped if you can NOT meet during that time and you can listen at your convenience. (But all reading should be completed by class). You will get MP3 of all 4 classes to listen to forever!
The structure of coaching is flexible but will include:
o       An initial 30 min. session to create a plan (by phone)
o      Initial assessment to evaluate work and needs and establish goals.
o      Regular on-going coaching sessions (typically email)
o      Exercises to increase industry knowledge, encourage creative thinking, and develop practical skills plus media contacts!
o      Full confidentiality
o      PR / Marketing strategies for ongoing support after the Teleclass up to 2 months.
Coaching sessions are scheduled weekly for an hour via phone.
Coaching is $500 for four weeks.
As YOUR PR Coach and this is what you can expect:

1.    I'll evaluate and improve your marketing plans.! It's easy to focus on the trees and miss that great big forest right before your eyes!  Once your book is ready for the publisher (or back),  it's time to tweak your plans for retail and bulk book sale. I'll review your marketing materials, looking specifically for potential readers and the strategies to win them. I'll save you time and energy by providing the accurate and honest feedback you'll need to succeed. I'll show you a "forest" of sales possibilities!
2.     I'll develop and refine your ideas. You have great promotional ideas. Some are easy to put into practice and others need refining. I have working knowledge of hundreds of PR strategies - and the marketing know-how to tailor your book campaign.  
3.    Tap into my wealth of PR strategies and secrets. When you've "run out of ideas" to market and sell your book, I will re-energize you!  I'll educate you on the industry and the PR principles that will win results.
4.     I'll give you the contacts you need. In my two decades in PR I've amassed a rolodex full of media and publishing contacts.  I'll put you in touch with those I do know - and dig up anyone else that you need to know.
5.     I'll hold you accountable. It's tempting to put off the PR tasks that are crucial to the marketing and sales of your book.  I'll guide you and hold you to the task.  You've invested too much in your book not to reap the rewards! I'll coach you to your highest potential and stick with you until you cross the finish line.

Are you ready to kick your writing career to the next level?

Here is what others have said about my style of PR coaching:

genikwa williams"Sometimes in life, God leads us to a steep cliff and tells us to jump off. But we shrink back, fearing what looks like it will be a long, hard drop. That's what happened when God gave me the idea to start my own business [and do more ministry writing for a living]. For years, I sat on the idea, fearing what appeared to be 'a long, hard drop.' As my faith ebbed and flowed, I prayed and asked God for help. Then, in December 2007, He sent me an e-blast about Pam Perry's virtual mentoring program. She chose me to work with her in January 2008 and my life hasn't been the same since. Pam is such a great motivator. She knows how to put your talents to work and get you moving in your area of expertise, all the while pulling you out of your comfort zone to realize your God-given potential. As Pam's apprentice/intern, I was immediately engaged in her work, writing and doing strategic media relations for some of her clients. I didn't realize that all along she was gently coaxing me closer to the edge of that precipice. Then one day, she forced me to leap off that cliff and start my own company, Jordan Media Group. I don't know how long I would have stayed on that ledge, if it hadn't been for Pam and her wonderful program. It has truly been a blessing working with Pam. She's a kind, nurturing, and loving person, a strategic thinker, an anointed publicity person, and a Christ-centered woman-all of which make it such a joy to work with her. I highly recommend her virtual internship to anyone who is interested in doing any kind of public relations, marketing, or advertising work within the Christian marketplace."  Genikwa Williams, Jordan Media Group and freelance writer/blogger (www.jordanmediagroup.org)

jacquie"Failing to plan is planning to fail.  PR Boot Camp is excellent preparation and a jump start toward promoting your testimony in written word. The most important thing I left the PR Boot Camp with is an understanding of the platform building and book promotion process and how it is supported by God's word..  Specifically, I was able to take the marketing plan we developed and set dates to implement each action item on the plan.  For me, PR Boot Camp was a baptism in fire of Internet marketing!
  Jacquie Lewis-Kemp
see my new blog!!!

"I would first like to thank you for everything you have done for me thoughout this PR Bootcamp.  The information you shared was priceless and your one on one attention to my particular needs, as a poet, were uncanny to say the least."
Deborah Chenault-Green, author Back 2/1

You can use me as a sounding board to discuss your objectives, new ideas, strategies and results. Coaching from me can prevent you from wasting your marketing dollars!
Get in gear this year, get with the program! :) 
Get the support you need!

Buy Now
P.S. As a bonus you'll get The Christian Writers Market Guide and a new copy of Synergy Energy: How to Market Your Book, Grow Your Business and Brand Your Ministry.  Plus four Book Marketing Cds from Conferences where I spoke last year! You'll also get a workbook filled with resources, worksheets and contacts. (A $200 value Total). 

P.S.S. Get the free MP3 at www.PamPerryPR.com "What Every Christian Author Should Know" $20 value

Pam Perry (www.twitter.com/pamperry)
Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.
take the survey there...are you ready to publish??

Bookmark the blogs: www.ChocolatePagesNetwork.com and
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