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Thursday, February 5, 2009

How to Create Your Own Ebook and Distribute It

Ebooks are written, compiled, and published every single day. Some are written for fun, while others are written for profit. Even people who have never written anything in their lives are discovering how rewarding ebooks are. If you want to create your own ebook, then you will find it a very rewarding experience as well. You just need to follow proper steps and guidelines if you want to create your own ebook.
You have quite a few options. You could start from scratch, or you could create your ebook from articles you've written in the past. You could also hire a ghost writer to help you. However you choose to create it, though, you need to first define the type of readers you're going to make it for. Who will benefit from reading your ebook? What age group should it be appropriate for? What type of questions would your readers what answered?
You can find this information out by visiting forums and chat rooms. What type of questions do the other members ask? While you're at it, check at the forums for the most popular threads. Study those threads to find out what all exactly is being discussed in depth. Take all of this information into consideration before you create your own ebook.
Once you begin compiling, you need to take SEO into consideration. Use important keywords as your ebook's title. This way you can promote it with search engine optimization in mind whenever you send out press releases, have reviews written about it, and so forth. You need to create your own ebook with a targeted audience in mind.
You need to inform your readers, not try to impress them. As you create your own ebook, include important information and facts about the subject you're writing about. Don't create your own ebook just for bragging purposes. Talk to your readers. Tell them everything THEY want to know; don't make it all about you.
After you create your own ebook, you need to have it proofread and edited. You can do this yourself, or you can hire a professional to do it for you. The latter will be your best bet if you don't consider yourself an expert of spelling and grammar. You also need to create your own ebook with pictures and graphics. Have a graphic designer create a nice logo and pictures for you. Your ebook needs to not only be informative, but it should be visually appealing as well.
As for copyright, your digital writing automatically belongs to you. Still, you can place a disclaimer as you create your own ebook to let everyone know it belongs to you. It's also possible to protect .pdf files from being edited and changed.
Finally, after you create your own ebook, you can distribute it. Place it on your blog or have others to place it on theirs. Advertise it through mailing lists and newsletters. Send out press releases. Offer to give out a few free copies to members of a forum so that they can read it and post their reviews. This will encourage others to read it or buy it (if you plan on selling it).
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