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Monday, March 16, 2009

Authors Access Announcement: Lighting a Fire with eBooks on Amazon Kindle 2

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On March 4th, 2009 Irene Watson interviewed publisher, author, and editor Victor R. Volkman about the Amazon Kindle eBook reader platform and how to publish on it. Victor is the President of Loving Healing Press Inc. and its newest imprint Modern History Press. In this wide ranging discussion, we cover key points including:
  • What is the Amazon Kindle?
  • How many Kindles are out there?
  • How many books are really available on the Kindle?
  • Can self-publishers and small presses really compete on the Kindle platform?
  • What kind of conversions issues are there for people doing the work?
  • What's New with the Kindle 2 product "refresh"?
  • What is the big deal about the new text-to-speech feature that reads books to you?
  • How much are Kindle books and how much do I make as the author or publisher?
Victor R. Volkman began his writing career in the late 1980s writing for computer programming journals such as "Windows Developer's Journal," and many other print publications that have been obsoleted since the web was born. He authored two computer programming books in the mid-1990s before finding out that writing for Fortune 500 companies was not terribly profitable. In 2003, he formed Loving Healing Press out of a community project in the Self- Expression and Leadership Program at Landmark Education. Since then, LHP has gone on to publish dozens of cutting-edge books that promote its mission of "redefining what is possible for healing mind and spirit." As such, he has produced a series of books on Traumatic Incident Reduction as well as empowering other authors in a wide range of helping areas including trauma recovery, self-esteem, physical disabilities, personal growth, and much more. He produces regular podcasts for "Authors Access," and the "Unbreak Your Health" show. In 2007, LHP spun off a new imprint Modern History Press dedicated to empowering authors to speak about surviving conflict and seeking identity in modern times. When not publishing, he enjoys spending time with his wife Marian K. Volkman, a formidable author in her own right.
Guest: Victor Volkman
Topic: Lighting a Fire with eBooks on Amazon Kindle 2
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Irene Watson and Victor Volkman
Authors Access

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