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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Organize Your Online Business

Internet Marketing Newsletter: February 2009 Vol. 1 Issue 3

Organize Your

Online Business

Maximize Your Next Live Event

So you're going to attend the next Big Seminar.

Good for you! Now how can you be sure you'll

get the most from the event and the time you

are there? Here are seven tips that will put you

on the fast track to maximizing the event.

1. Plan to arrive the day before the event

starts. The extra time lets you relax. But don't

stay in your room! Go wander around the

lobby, sit at the bar. You're there to meet


2. If you can, arrange in advance to get

together with other people for dinner the night

before. Encourage everyone to invite others as

they meet them.

Some of my best friends have been people I

met the day before the seminar started. We

seemed to gravitate to one another throughout

the event - and it's nice to have a friend with

whom you can share the experience.

3. Plan to stay a day after the event. If you rush

back the night the seminar ends, you'll be back

in the fray of the office - and you'll quickly

forget the actions you planned to take. Instead,

by using the evening after and the next day,

you can dedicate some time to thinking and

planning - and thus maximize your investment

in the event.

4. Decide ahead of time who you want to meet

and what you need to learn. Your brain is an

answer-seeking mechanism. When you set the

agenda ahead of time, your brain will work

hard to answer your questions. The people you

want to meet will "magically" appear. It's an

amazing experience.

5. Don't be shy. If you're going to rush to your

room after every session and order room

service, just get the event recordings and save

your travel costs. This is the time to be

outgoing and go beyond your comfort zone.

Be the first to introduce yourself to people.

Invite others to lunch or dinner. Ask for their

cars. If you're uncomfortable doing this, get

over it! This is only for 72 hours and you can

fake being an extrovert for that short period.

6. Give testimonials about the event. You'll

likely appear on the event's website and the

event planner will truly appreciate your

contribution. More than one person has

reported being a "celebrity" at the next event

because their video testimonial was on the

next event's website.

7. Take lots of pictures with others at the event.

Those who are famous and those who will be.

You'll treasure the photographs and they'll give

you a good excuse to follow up.

My favorite way to follow up is to create a

postcard of the photo, then send it to the other

person. They'll definitely remember you! And

it's a great way to form lasting relationships.

If you could point to one thing that has helped

me build my online business, it is attending live

events. Whether it's Big Seminar or a smaller

local event, the time and money you put into

each event will return to you tenfold.

About The Author

Dr. Jeanette Cates is an Internet strategist who

works with new and intermediate online

business owners who are ready to create

Online Success. She shares her 10 Steps to

Online Success in her free report at


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