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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Go Green With E-books - 8 Ways eBooks Are a Green Way to Do Business

Writing an e-book is a great way for a business or professional personal to use a green techniques in a socially responsible way. E-books are books written and published on the web. They are usually PDF documents that are set up to be printed and read. However, you don't have to print an eBook to read it. Because of the format of e-books, they are a perfect way for the small business to go green. Being green means working in a way that saves natural resources for the planet. This article tells 8 ways that e-books give any business owner or professional a way to use green techniques to show social responsibility in their business.

1. No Paper: E-books are "green" because it doesn't require printing unless you really want to print it to read it. You can read your e-book fully online or through the new hand held e-book readers that let you carry a large amount of ebooks around in a digital format.

2. Easily updated: Instead of having to reprint a whole book you can easily update your ebooks but simply going into the file, making the update, reconverting the ebook to PDF and uploading it again to the site. No full printing of the book again saving a lot of paper.

3. Shorter. Just like some print book, e-books are becoming shorter in length. This saves on time and effort. If your reader really needs to print it out, they can do so using less paper.

4. Easier. E-books are green when you use the type of font needed to make them easier to read. Because it's most common to read them on the computer screen e-book fonts are often larger than fonts used in regular print books. This helps save the eyeballs for the reader resulting in a healthier reading experience.

5. Less ink. E-books are green because they use less ink than required in a printing process. Printing books requires more colored inks too. You can use colorful illustrations in an ebook that don't have to be printed in color and save on that resource. Even if your readers choose to print, they can do so on grayscale instead of using colored ink.

6. Save on covers. Covers for print books are often more expensive to design and print than the inside portions of a book. The colors and content must be carefully planned. A mistake on the front or back cover could require a complete reprint of the book. With an ebook you can create a cover in a variety of methods that take little more than regular fonts and clip art - or be as elaborate as a print book but without the cost.

7. Printing Costs. Ebooks are definitely green because they save on the process of using the printing press to create a book. You don't have to use the electricity or employee power to print an ebook as it is delivered directly to the desktop or ebook reader of the person reading the book.

8. No Inventory. You don't have to stockpile ebooks. They are the real print-on-demand type of writing that can be downloaded when the person needs and want it. No inventory means no wasted printing or use of storage space.

Writing a book is on the minds of most professional and business people. Writing an e-book can let you get your words in a book while giving you a way to go green in your business model. This article provides just a few of the reasons why you as a business owner can use ebooks to participate in going "green". You can work on being sustainable with the planet while earning money with your ebook showing that you are a socially responsible business professional.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Consuelo_Meux

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