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Friday, July 23, 2010

[Motown Writers Network] MWN Insider: Arnold Hannon: A writer with a strong voic

by Erika Martin


What follows below is an interview with Arnold Hannon, author of Sketches of Murder: an eye-opening experience/ 50 Years of Murder in the Motor City 1960-2009.

It's a follow-up for a previous article. Hannon is a prolific writer, a voice to be reckoned with. He is also author of The American Scheme, The Cold Blooded Naked Truth.

He says: 'My story is a tug of war between mother and son, regarding the phantom 23 chromosomes of my father. Like gravity and mass pulls the Earth together to form our world. Once all the elements of my autobiography are pulled together the world that I inherited will take form.' http://www.americanschemebook.com/

Examiner: Who is your favorite author and who would you say you model yourself after?

Hannon: I have many favorite authors, topping the list are Truman Capote, Earnest Hemingway, Ray Bradberry, and Donald Goines. Although I get my inspiration from various authors, I like to stay true to myself. I would like to consider myself an original author instead of a copy of someone else's style.'

READ MORE: http://www.examiner.com/x-50963-Detroit-Creative-Writing-Examiner~y2010m7d15-A-writer-with-a-strong-voice-daring-prose-who-stays-ture-to-himself?cid=email-this-article

Purchase your copy and Check out author's website at: http://arnoldhannon.com/

Sketches of Murder: 50 Years of Murder in the Motor City

Buy Now: Lulu.com ($15) | ISBN 978- 0- 557- 45223- 1

Sketches of Murder revisits nearly 250 murder scenes in Detroit from 1960- 2009 by capturing local newspaper headlines and articles from that time period.

Hannon argues forcefully that solving problems violently is not the answer, and makes a strong case for non- violent conflict resolution.

Particularly relevant in light of recent events, Hannon's painstaking research and relevant commentary will undoubtedly prove valuable to those caught in the crossfire of a violent society.

Purchase your copy and Check out author's website at: http://arnoldhannon.com/

Other books by this author:

The American Scheme: The Cold- Blooded Naked Truth

Buy Now: American Scheme ($20) | ISBN 978- 0- 557- 45223- 1

Before I delve into the egregious renderings of my past, I would like to express my thoughts regarding the so- called game. The Game has languished in the underworld sub- culture of "African- American Culture" in the United States, for far too many generations. My life's journey led me into that sordid lifestyle. I realize, that there are those individuals, who are living in our communities, believe that, The Game is a mythological underground legend, buried in the annals of urban folklore. "The American Scheme" dispels many of the innuendo's, myth's, and rumors blowing in the winds of time, swirling around that lexicon called, The Game. The Game is real. What I'm proposing to my readers, is that you look past my at times, youthful, pompous, arrogant actions and explore the Psychological dynamics of my actions. After all conscious thoughts are manifested through our subconscious mind. Click here to purchase the book.

Purchase your copy and Check out author's website at: http://arnoldhannon.com/ 

Books also available around Metro Detroit

Book Beat 26010 Greenfield in Oak Park

Shrine of The Black Madonna in Detroit

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