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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Registration open for 12th annual EPICon Electronic Publishing Conference

Registration open for 12th annual EPICon Electronic Publishing Confe

Posted by: "Zetta Brown" zetta@zettabrown.com   zwb70

The 12th Annual EPICon™ Goes Colonial

[Williamsburg, VA] The high-tech world of ePublishing is buzzing today
as EPICon™, hosted by EPIC - Electronically Published Internet
Connection™, opens registrations for their 12th annual industry
convention. The convention will be held March 10th-13th, 2011 at the
Williamsburg Woodlands Hotel and Convention Center in Colonial Williamsburg.

With workshops and events of interest to a range of literary genres as
well as the business of ePublishing, early reports of guest speakers
include a class on writing love scenes by NY Times Bestseller Angela
, a two-hour class on hostage negotiation by veteran police
officer Michael Woodcock, and more.

Two-time EPICon™ convention chair Lisa Brennan-Webb states, "I'm
personally biased. I think Virginia always offers us the best deal for a
convention. Take our convention hotel rate, for instance. A standard
room is only $109 per night, single or double occupancy, and a suite is
only $129. The staff of the Williamsburg Woodlands Hotel are experts at
providing excellent service and a seamless presentation."

EPICon™ is admittedly one of the best values in industry conventions
around. Early EPIC member registrants this year (those who register
before October 31st, 2010) will pay $190 for the three-day convention,
and non-members will pay just $30 more. The cost includes most meals
from the Thursday evening mixer through the Sunday morning breakfast.
In addition, the convention has special rates for family members who are
just eating convention meals but not attending classes, middle school
through college students, teachers attending the convention, and even a
deal for three-day passes into the historic district.

Co-chair for the convention, Brenna Lyons, shares: "One thing you can
count on at EPICon™ is a motto coined by the early committees: 'No
rubber chicken!' We go out of our way to accommodate as many food
requirements as we can, and there are very few we can't work with. And
unlike some other industry conventions I've attended, there is no
scrambling for a seat at a meal. If we have 150 people registered, we
set 150 plates. But if only 140 people eat that meal, so be it. Whether
or not they eat it, we set it. If the meal isn't buffet style, there are
choices for the meal. How many conventions promise that?" In addition,
Lyons promises a "surprise meal" this year to be announced in a later

Brennan-Webb imparts that she hopes to make this year's EPICon™ even
more publisher/agent friendly than previous years. "We have a full list
of promo opportunities available for our industry attendees, just as we
do for our author and artist attendees. We're hoping to encourage
interaction beyond the usual pitch sessions and publisher panels, to
convince publishers, agents, and writing groups to hold social hours and
meet and greets at the convention."

That's not the only change this year. As an ePublishing group, the
committee was very happy to learn that the Woodlands Hotel and
Convention Center offers free Wi-Fi in all hotel rooms and meeting
rooms, making it easy for "hooked-in" attendees to attend to business on
site, to announce winners in their three premiere contests, and to keep
a finger on the pulse of life back home more effectively.

"Not only that," Brennan-Webb adds, "as an educational group, it fits
our non-profit aims that all profits from the hotel and the historic
site passes goes to support the Colonial Williamsburg educational efforts."

EPIC's commitment to the environmental friendliness found in eBooks and
the ePublishing industry can be seen in their approach when it comes to
distributing convention materials.

Brennan-Webb continues: "In the past, we've had some complaints about an
ePublishing group using paper binders for all the handouts. People have
to stuff these into suitcases and carry them home on the plane.
Multi-ring binders can weigh quite a bit, and with everything else
people tend to collect at a convention and more stringent airline rules
about luggage, something different is required. This year, we're
offering the binder on CD in various eBook formats and a printed
schedule only. It's easier to carry home. It's less paper waste, less
printing, and people with their laptops on site can load the class notes
in and take the laptop to classes with them. Overall, it's a much more
'green' option for us."

When asked if this convention is just for published authors, the
committee is quick to point out that EPICon™ is for everyone. Lyons
explains: "We invite published, unpublished, industry members, from
everything from NY conglomerate publishing to indie press,
self-published, agents, editors, publishers, cover artists, hardware and
software developers, distribution channels, and even teachers that want
to take information back to their students and integrate it into their
classes. Teaching and networking are two of our central goals at EPIC.

"The classes are varied and range from what published authors need to
know all the way down to learning and developing more skills in the
craft of writing. We have a little something for everyone."

Registration for the 2011 convention is open now at
http://www.epic- conference. com The 12th Annual EPICon™ is using
technology to its full advantage and it carries over into the
registration process as well.

Brennan-Webb urges attendees to register early for the best prices.
"We've made it as easy as possible. In addition to the phone numbers to
register for the hotel and to arrange for the airport shuttle, all
registration forms are electronic this year. You can do everything from
planning your hotel to registering a spouse for the meal-only options
and from buying a pass to the historic district to choosing your meals

Contact: Lisa Brennan-Webb, Convention Chair
Email: epiconchair2011@ yahoo.com
http://www.epic- conference. com

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EPIC – Electronically Published Internet Connection™ was established in
1997 and is a non-profit, professional organization for published and
contracted eBook and print authors. EPIC's goal is to provide a strong
voice for electronic publishing—the major publishing marketplace of the


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