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Friday, February 19, 2010

New Video: Adding Static Pages To Your Blogger Blog

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(14 Minutes): Blogger just recently upgraded its platform to allow
users to create up to 10 static pages on their blog. Now, you can
create pages to give your blog the look and feel of a website.
Have you ever wished you could have a Company History page or a
Current Events page on your Blogger blog? Well, now you can.

In this video, I will walk you through the step-by-step process
of how to create your pages. I will then show you how to link the
pages on your blog so people can find them. By adding this
functionality, Blogger has taken a huge step closer to keeping up
with other blog platforms and you are one step closer to making
Blogger your stand-alone blog and website.

As a bonus, I am also inviting you to view these videos as well:

1.  Using Affiliate Links (8 Minutes): This is the video I made
for my affiliates which explains how the affiliate links in my
shopping cart work and how they can create custom affiliate links
to increase conversions. Though this is specific to how 1ShoppingCart
handles affiliate links, it will none-the-less give you a solid
understanding of how these links generally work.

2.  What Does A Twitter Contest Look Like (10 Minutes): This is a
video in my new e-book that gives you a bird's eye view of what a
Twitter contest is and what benefit you can get from one.

3.  Adding A Countdown Timer To Your Contest Page (8 Minutes): This
is another video from my new video e-book that shows you how to add a
countdown timer to your Twitter contest page. Of course, you can use
this video to show you how to add a countdown timer to any web page
you have.

You can find these videos here:


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