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Saturday, June 19, 2010

ARTICLE: How and Why You Must Keep Your Website Visitors Longer

One of the secrets for the success of an online business is to keep your website visitors longer. How this is to be done depends on your ingenuity. The longer your website visitors remain in your site the greater is your chance of benefiting from their visits. Site visitors are very important guests. They are very busy people and will not hang around in any website unless they get what they are looking for or identify something that will really attract their attention as indicated below.

1. Write unique and quality content that will keep the visitors focused on your content. Provide unique information and resources for which your visitor will be for ever grateful to you for having visited your site. Put in your best effort to keep it that way.

2. Ensure that your website loads fast. Refrain from using too many videos and images. This is very critical because if your site takes too long to load he will click out and move on to another website never to come again.

3. Most website visitors remain for only a few seconds in a new website. Hence within this short time you have to attract their attention and show the visitors what your website is all about. Have large powerful titles and sub-titles to grab their attention.

4. Ensure that your website is easy to navigate so that your website visitors will know where to go and what to expect when they click.

5. Offer your visitor a freebie such as an eBook or free software that can be downloaded from your website. While downloading he will have the opportunity to look around your site.

6. Have a special page to entertain your visitors with News, Sports News, Videos, Jokes, Thought of the Day and other interesting content that will keep them interested, stay longer and entice them to return to your website later.

7. Provide free online tools such as link checker and search engine submission, which they can use right from your website.

8. Have an article directory where your website visitors can read articles related to the theme of your website and also submit articles for publication.

9. Provide a search option in your website so that visitors can search the content in your website using keywords.

Why are all these strategies adopted to keep the site visitor longer? You will certainly want answers for this question.

The longer the site visitor stays the more he appears to be enjoying his stay. If he enjoys the unique content of your site he will not hesitate to link your website to his, to give his own site visitors a good website experience. You will thus get a valuable one way inbound link.

Some webmasters of quality websites might request you for a link exchange partnership. If the website visitor is impressed he might suggest a joint venture which can be very useful and beneficial.

If he is convinced about your integrity he might want to purchase some of your recommended products. He might also recommend your site to his friends so that they too could enjoy a good website experience. If the visitors are authors of repute and if they submit expert articles to your site then you should consider yourself lucky to get authoritative articles without any effort. You can thus see that the mantra is to keep the website visitors as long as possible and reap the benefits.

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