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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

[Motown Writers Network] MLN Radio Show June 23! Authors, Experts & Events! List

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Jason Deierlein, Lynn Serafinn & Emmitt Mitchell - Authors, Experts & Events

MichLiterary Network


Date / Time: 6/23/2010 4:00 PM

Category: Books

Call-in Number: (646) 915-9177

June 23, 2010 Guest Backgrounder

1.  Guest:  Jason Deierlein                        Call-in Time:  5 p.m.

Guest summary:. Deirlein is the author of two books, Return From A Comatose Mind and How Education Can End The Cultural Problem.


Jason Deirelein Bio

Jason Deirelein earned his undergraduate degree from Winthrop University in 2003 with a major in Political Science with a minor in Business. His first published work was, Return From A Comatose Mind. Upon publishing his first book at the age of 26, he decided that a career in literature, specifically non-fiction, was his calling. He wrote Return from A Comatose Mind to help inspire others that have endured similar ordeals and to help their friends and families understand what they have been through.

As a result of receiving numerous positive responses he can attest to the impact the book has had on readers who have had similar experiences. That is something he greatly values and it has recommitted his efforts to uncovering societal injustices and he has been moved to action to educate and inform. He encourages people to become more involved in understanding the ways in which the world around them affects their daily lives. In order to do so, he has identified several key elements in our daily lives that, if an engaged public were to demand change, will positively impact every American.

In summation, many future subjects in his books and other products will be originated from conversations with people he meets along his journey. Deirelein looks forward to using his profession to address and confront concerns and problems that come from the general public.

About the Books:

Return From A Comatose Mind

In lean, evocative prose, Deierlein describes what it feels like not to be able to see or speak or move. His dreams while in the coma were rich and strange, sometimes of swimming sometimes of bright vivid imagery. Jason mentally teetered on the edge of the razor thin line separating life and death until his miraculous awakening. Return From A Comatose Mind chronicles Jason experiences while in a coma and his long road to recovery.

Deierlein doesn't just describe the event, he asks – and attempts to answer – the important questions that will resonate with every reader. How do you live after a terrible accident? How do you find the strength to go through recovery? Deierlein was sustained by trusting in God, and the realization that God helps those who help themselves. He also began to appreciate all that he had and to realize that many other people had so much less. A beautifully written account of what it's like to be in a coma and an inspiring and thoughtful examination of how one man overcame his misfortune. Return From A Comatose Mind is a journey through the soul and a must read for any student of the human condition.

Jason Deierlein's account of his return from a tragic car accident has one clear message: Be grateful for what you have. The author was a star athlete and a good student, but one poor decision put him on the wrong end of an eighteen wheeler, and in a coma for seven weeks. The dreams he remembers from his coma, coupled with his very thought-provoking conclusions about those dreams, all point towards appreciating what you have been given. While not as polished as something from a professional writer, the story is clearly and honestly told, and can be an inspiration to anyone recovering from serious disease or injury. Hats off to the author for having the strenth to share his story.

How Education Can End the Cultural Problem by Jason Deierlein recommends successful parental and governmental methods of mentoring and educating children at an early age, based on the author's documented experiences with second and third grade at-risk students. The author believes education is the key to determining the direction of our country and that unrealistic policies should be abolished while realistic ones should be expanded.

Examples of political policies that Deierlein sees as ineffective and includes in his book are the No Child Left Behind Act, as well as busing children to different schools outside their district. The author instead suggests better equipping and training teachers with the special skills needed for situations that may arise with students from broken homes and offering military or trade schools to students who don't excel. "This book is about improving children's lives and lifting them out of hopeless situations," says Deierlein. "I want to show that just one small change in our education system can make a child's future a whole lot brighter."

How Education Can End the Cultural Problem is a follow-up to Deierlein's Return from a Comatose Mind, which offered ways to avoid complacency, based on the author's recovery from a car accident. "The same hard work and non-complacency has to come from children who live in non-ideal situations. They need to know about children in Haiti and Afghanistan that would love to be in their situations."

2.  Guest: Lynn Serafinn Call-in Time:  5:30 p.m.

Guest summary:  Saraffin is the author of The Garden of the Soul.


Lynn Seraffin Bio:

Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1955, and now residing in the United Kingdom, author Lynn Serafinn is a Transformation Coach, book promotion coach, teacher, motivational speaker and talk radio show host. Owing to her long and diverse professional history in the music industry– from symphony violinist, to opera singer, to east-west fusion artist, to a number-1 electronic dance artist in the 90's– Lynn's writing is lyrical, rhythmic, colourful, highly visual and undeniably metaphoric. She was the ghost writer and editor on several published books on Vedic spirituality and philosophy, and is the author of the eBook The Path of Least Resistance to the Self. The Garden of the Soul is her first full-length book.

Lynn was educated at New England Conservatory of Music, University of Texas at Austin and University of Phoenix, and holds a B.Mus. in music history and an MAED in adult education and distance learning. Awarded the National Defence Foreign Language Fellowship in 1980-81, Lynn journeyed to Calcutta where she began her long-term studies of Indian music and religion. A fully qualified teacher, she taught music and music technology for many years, and was the recipient of the Microsoft UK Innovative Teacher of the Year Award in 2005. She holds a CPCC through the Coaches Training Institute and is a graduate of the Co-Active Leadership Programme. Now living on her own in Bedford, England, Lynn is the Founder of Spirit Authors, a virtual learning enviroment and community for mind-body-spirit Authors. She coaches authors on the art of book promotion using spirit-based methods and social networking, and has designed the campaigns of 2 Number-1 selling authors, and many other in the top-10.

She has a grown daughter, who is also a bestseller author and publisher, and a young grandson.

About the book The Garden of the Soul: lessons from four flowers that unearth the Self is a book about becoming whole…

Called 'as spiritual as Deepak Chopra and as magical as Paulo Coelho,' The Garden of the Soul is a journey on the 'path of least resistance to the Self' through the imagery of four flowers that represent four spiritual principles: 'Give' (the Rose), 'Receive' (the Iris), 'Become' (the Daffodil) and 'Be' (the Lily). Taking the reader on a daring and magical journey through the author's life and imagination—from stage fright and burnout in a classical music conservatory, to life inside an Indian temple, to a hidden life of domestic violence, to finding inner peace atop an old English footbridge—The Garden of the Soul explores birth, death, love, art, spirituality and transformation in an eloquent, poetic and ultimately unforgettable way. It is an open invitation to readers to re-examine their own life stories, even the painful ones, and see the beauty, significance and meaning within them, so they can see that they are already the hero of their own story. Appreciative readers report that reading this book has helped them to heal from trauma or abuse, explore and embrace their own creativity, and to feel encouraged to be more courageous in expressing their authentic voice. Within the first few days of its release, the book attained Amazon bestseller status in both the UK and US in the New Age, Mind-Body-Spirit, Spirituality and Self-Help categories, reaching as high as number 18.

3.  Guest: Emmitt Mitchell  Call in time: 6pm

New Author, with event this Saturday, to also speak about the business of being a new publisher in Metro Detroit.

(more to come!!)


Date / Time: 6/23/2010 4:00 PM

Category: Books

Call-in Number: (646) 915-9177

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