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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SORMAG's July Workshops and Teleseminar

SORMAG July Teleseminars/Workshop 
SORMAG is hosting their teleseminars and workshops for the summer and fall.  We invite you to sign up for a few classes.
Deadline for teleseminars the day before class starts.
Deadline for workshops day class starts.
Teleseminar -  July 8th  or July 15th -  9pm Eastern time 
I Don't Have Time To Promote

Instructor:  LaShaunda C. Hoffman


Most published authors think they don't have time to promote.  However if you don't make time, you might not stay published.  This workshop will give you some ideas that will help you with your promoting and get you back to what you love, writing.


Lecture includes: 

Contact Info


Website/blog Promotion






Online Promotion


Social Media


Using Articles for promotion


Virtual Assistants


PRICE:  $45.00 

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PRICE: S40.00 for SORMAG members
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Teleseminar  - July  22 or July 29  - 9pm Eastern time
Starting An Online Magazine

Instructor:  LaShaunda C. Hoffman


Have you dreamed of starting your own online magazine but don't know where to start?  This is workshop for you.  You will learn the basics of starting an online magazine.


Lecture #1:   Why do you want to start a magazine?


Lecture #2:   What kind of magazine do you want?


Lecture #3:  Do you have time to commit to a magazine


Lecture #4:  Cost


Lecture #5: Blog or Site


Lecture#6  Staff


Lecture #7: Resources

 PRICE:  $45.00
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  PRICE: S40.00 for SORMAG members
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WORKSHOP  July 5 - July 16th  - Online
Building Your Online Presence

Instructor:  LaShaunda C. Hoffman 


This course is geared toward the online newbie or newly published authors who would like to build their online presence.


This course will take you step-by step to building an online presence.


The class is a 2-week interactive workshop which includes three lectures a week.


Lecture #1: Email Address -Email Signatures


Lecture #2: Website/blog


Lecture #3: Website/blog Promotion


Lecture #5: Promoting on forums/groups/sites


Lecture #7: Online Promotion (radio, blogs, promotion sites)


Lecture #8: Using Articles for promotion


PRICE:  $45.00

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PRICE: S40.00 for SORMAG members
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WORKSHOP  July 19 - July 30  - Online
Freelancing For An Online Magazine

Instructor:  LaShaunda C. Hoffman


Most online magazines are looking for new content and new writers.  They are an excellent way to break into the freelance market.  This workshop will show you the basics to approaching online magazines.


The class is a 2-week interactive workshop which includes three lectures a week.


Lecture #1:   What is your expertise?


Lecture #2:   What is your life experience?


Lecture #3:   Topics


Lecture #4   Research the magazines


Lecture #5  Query Letter


Lecture #6  Write the article


PRICE:  $45.00


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PRICE: S40.00 for SORMAG members
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LaShaunda C. Hoffman has eleven years of experience in online promotion.  She started the award winning Shades Of Romance  - SORMAG an online magazine in 2000,

http://sormag.blogspot.com  and is the creator of SORMAG's online conference.  She has taught online promotion online and at various conferences.


She is a contributor for the anthology, How I Met My Sweetheart. She is currently on the path to publication, working on a Christian romance and hunting for a literary agent.  In the real world, she is a happily married mother of three.  She works for the government and is a Navy vet.


 The Facebook Guide To Book Marketing
Dee Stewart


The 4 Most Common Online Marketing Mistakes Authors Make  on Facebook & How to Avoid Them & Much More:

  • How to increase your invite approval ratio?
  • The 5 Apps your Facebook Fan Page Must Have
  • A formula to guide your Facebook Activity
  • Facebook Etiquette
  • How to Close using Facebook
  • How to find your ideal reader?
  • How to become Media Candy on Facebook using Groups

Instructor Bio:


A literary journalist and publicist since 2001, Dee Stewart's writings have appeared in Precious Times,  Romantic Times Magazines and on The Master's Artist Blog. Her work focuses on fiction, popular culture, media and their relationship to people who live according to a Christian worldview. She is the owner of Christian Fiction Blog and lives in Atlanta, GA.


 PRICE: 45.00

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 PRICE: S40.00 for SORMAG members
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 How to Edit Your Own Novel - Monica Harris
(class info coming soon)
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