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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Enhanced Ebooks Today: What, How and Why ...FREE ONLINE SEMINAR

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Enhanced Ebooks and the Free Session You Can't Afford to Miss

Everybody is talking about enhanced ebooks, but nobody seems to know exactly what they are.

Should the latest ebook release have added video, audio, or social media sharing options? Who is creating these enhancements? Perhaps most importantly, are enhanced ebooks performing successfully in the marketplace and do readers want them?

What is known is that in the next six months, many publishing houses will spend large sums of money and time on enhancements, without a clear picture of the totality of the digital landscape, or the needs and wants of readers.

Enhanced Ebooks Today

Join us for a FREE 1-hour WEBcast
Tuesday, June 29th @ 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

You'll hear the top experts take a critical look at the current enhanced ebook marketplace and discuss when, why, and how to enhance digital book content.

Moderator and Chief Technical Officer for E2BU, Kirk Biglione, will lead the discussion with some of the most innovative people producing enhanced ebooks today.

Panelists include:

   Jessica Goodman  of John Wiley & Sons, who oversaw the creation of the app How to Cook Everything 10 years after its original release.
   Theodore Gray, author, developer and founder of Touch Press, who turned his Black & Leventhal book The Elements into one of the most popular apps on the iPad.

Who should attend:

   Publishing execs looking to quickly gather key developments in the enhanced ebook space.
   Editors interested in finding what works (and what's unnecessary) for displaying their authors' content.
   Publicists and marketers who want to know whether adding a book trailer counts as an enhancement (and whether producers and readers will see it that way).
   Trade and Specialty sales people interested in understanding the market leaders making money today.
   Production professionals with an eye towards competent ebook creation.

Enhanced Ebooks Today will give you an understanding of the depth and scope of the current enhanced ebook landscape as well as a strategic insight into the purpose and value of enhancements.

Join us for this FREE WEBcast on Tuesday, June 29th at 1 PM EDT / 10 am PDT for a discussion you cannot afford to miss.

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