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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

[Motown Writers Network] Michigan Literary Network Radio Show June 30th 5pm EST

Michigan Literary Network Radio Show airs every Wednesday 5pm EST. Call in number to listen or speak to guests: 646.915.9177 or go online and listen and talk in chat room at: http://blogtalkradio.com/michiganliterarynetwork

6/30/10 Guest will be

  • Jacqueline Chambliss
  • Michael Willihnganz
  • Christina Dixon

Upcoming Shows:

Michigan Literary Network for all things literary and helping to increase literacy rates around Metro Detroit

Upcoming Episodes

  • 7/7/2010 5:00 PM EST- Michigan Literary Network Show

  • 7/14/2010 5:00 PM EST- Michigan Literary Network Show

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If you'd like to be a guest, please be either a Michigan Author, a Literary Expert or you are holding an event in Michigan. Send inquiry to motownwriters@yahoo.com. For more information on The Michigan Literary Network, please go to our website at: http://michiganliterarynetwork.com . Michigan Literary Network for all things literary and helping to increase literacy rates around Metro Detroit

June 30, 2010 Guest Backgrounder

1.  Guest:  Jacqueline Chambliss                        Call-in Time:  5 p.m.

Guest summary:.

Jacqueline Chambliss Bio

Over the past four years, Jacqueline Chambliss has had a strong passion for young adults.  She has transferred that passion into her brainchild, the Youth of Excellence program, where she hold intense workshops and speaking engagements which gives the young adults the challenge to look within to find their inner gifts and help reduce drop out rates from school.   Her enthusiasm to instill momentum and ambition for these teenagers places them in a position to increase their level of wanting a higher education and performing on a higher level towards their chosen career paths. It is her desire to continue writing books that are inspirational, and share her experiences and passion for youth through motivational speaking. Jacqueline is currently a Board Member of Special Olympics Florida Miami-Dade county.  Jacqueline's goal is to touch all individuals, both young and old, whose paths she crosses, hoping they gain some insight while furthering their capacities to learn and grows together.  Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Jacqueline is married to her high school sweetheart,  Mr. Autry Chambliss, her biggest supporter who she credits for bringing out the best in her as a person. As a current resident of Miami, FL, Mrs. Chambliss is also an entrepreneur who shares a love for the arts, dance and music. While this book is the first, Mrs. Chambliss' passion for writing will bring more literary works in the future.

About the Book Eugene & Mr. Bike:

Eugene and Mr. Bike is the short fiction story of a young   teenager boy named Eugene who lived in a small town of called Owensville. Eugene was born with some disabilities.  Eugene's led on a journey though Mr. Bike to discover the answer to a question why?  Eugene then realizes that his disabilities are his abilities for overcoming his personal life's obstacles.

2.  Guest: Michael Willihnganz                           Call-in Time:  5:30 p.m.

Guest summary:

Mike and Wendy Willihnganz live by a lake about twenty five miles north of Ann Arbor Michigan, with a daughter, one dog, two cats and any number of fish.

We have had the good fortune to spend two vacations in China with our friends Mike and Amy Lee and their families. From Beijing to Hong Kong, on one trip and Shanghai up the Yangtze to the foot hills of Tibet on the second. We climbed the sacred mountains and visited endless tombs, pagodas, historical sites. To that list, one must add unnumbered gift shops and factories -- with gift shops.

Unfortunately, we often did not, in all honesty, know the relevance of what we were seeing. Only after five years of reading and researching did I come to my current overview of the people and history of that vast and beautiful land. I was there, in the former Canton area, as a casual student in the mid 1990s, before I entered a Masters Course in Linguistics at Wayne State University, Detroit. I hope that we'll have the chance to return and revisit China and to see it through new eyes.

About the book:

The China Sand Wedge is a fictional account of four generations of the Wen Family, who lived in "interesting times"  -- the years from 1832 and 1978.

Based tightly on the real history of China, the characters interact with the famous and infamous of the time and are seen in a no-larger-than-life perspective.

The Wen Family starts high in the mountains of central China, in Shaanxi Province, in the person of a five year old peasant boy, scratching his first characters in the dirt. How he gets his education, position and wealth is the second part of the story.

The first part of the story is actually what happened after much had changed to make China the country and people that we see today.

The rest of the book is the Transition from the formal Qing Dynasty into the Peoples Republic of China -- as seen through the eyes of members of the Wen family and told to my protagonist Nick Remos by the last member of that family. Nick is an American technician who gets himself 'Shanghied to Shanghai' and left to fend for himself in the turbulant years after the Cultural Revolution and works his passage out of China by retelling the tale.

3.  Guest:  Christina Dixon                                     Call-in time:  5:50 p.m.

Guest summary:  Dixon is the host of the workshop "Hold My Hand While I Write," to be held July 3, from 10 a.m.-noon.

About the Workshop:  "Hold My Hand While I Write!" This six month consulting class is on Class 3 coaching writers as they finish their writing projects. The first two hours from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon is filled with information to challenge you to overcome any obstacles that may be hindering you. The one-on-one consultation after each class gives writers the inspiration they need to take the next step!

Michigan Literary Network Radio Show airs every Wednesday 5pm EST. Call in number to listen or speak to guests: 646.915.9177 or go online and listen and talk in chat room at: http://blogtalkradio.com/michiganliterarynetwork

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