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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Copyright for Writers on the Web -- from Legal Write Pub!

Legal Write Publications
Summer Teleclass Series from Legal Write Publications
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June 29, 2010
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Dear Sylvia,
I hope this note finds you well and in good spirits. I'm writing to remind you the next class, Copyright for Writers on the Web (midday), is scheduled for this Wednesday, June 30th from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET (10:00 - 11:00 AM PT).

Here's what a recent attendee had to say:

"This telecast answered so many questions. It was worth every penny. Tonya answered a particular question of mine. The answer was just what I needed to point me in the right direction for the next step in my writing career. I'll sign up for all of her teleclasses!" - Sandra Allen

This class is an informative and engaging presentation tailored specifically for writers and independent publishers who want straightforward, clear, and concise answers to the most common and pressing legal issues in the publishing industry about how writers can and must navigate the murky waters of copyright when sharing and copying information on the Internet.

In this one-hour teleclass, you will learn copyright basics and how the rules apply when you create a literary or artist work and share it on the Internet.

Topics sure to be covered include:
  • How the law applies to blogging, tweeting, uploading and downloading
  • What is protected on the Web
  • The critical difference between "public domain" information and "fair use"
  • How to protect your work on the Web
  • Some of the biggest myths writers believe that can lead to infringement
  • How to lawfully link to and share the work of others

The Early-Bird discount is no longer available but Regular Registration is as low as $30. Can't attend? No problem! Pre-order the audio for only $9.95 and save ($19.95 after the class). WIN-WIN.

Take advantage of additional savings when you register for class with "book included" and receive an autographed copy of Copyright Companion for Writers FOR ONLY $15!

Take charge and take your creativity to the next level
by becoming a literary entrepreneur!
Register for a Teleclass NOW!

July Teleclass
July 14th
Early Bird: $20*
Regular: $30*

*Add Book for $15

Legal Matters that Matter to Writers
LLG v2

This class is an informative and engaging presentation tailored specifically for writers and independent publishers who want straightforward, clear, and concise answers to the most common and pressing legal issues in the publishing industry.

 Topics sure to be covered include:

  • how copyright is created and protected
  • what is considered a fair use in print and on the Internet
  • what can and cannot be copyrighted
  • how legally to refer to real people, places, and events in one's own work
  • the real deal about the myth of the Poor Man's copyright
  • and the critical timing of when to register your work with the Copyright Office. 

Plus, Tonya will field audience questions during the Q&A. Send your question in advance to ensure it is addressed on the call!

Get this best-selling title!
Foreword by Dan Poynter
Contract Companion for Writers

By thoroughly examining more than a dozen publishing industry contracts, this how-to guide answers the most common questions writers ask about publishing, agency, coauthoring, working-for-hire, and other agreements. This reference breaks down the complex legalese in each contract and provides a clause-by-clause explanation of their contents.

Other Titles in the Literary Entrepreneur Series
Foreword by Dan Poynter: Why is it so important to copyright materials? How is a copyright created? and How is copyrighted work protected on the Internet and in other electronic formats? are among the questions addressed in this survey of copyright law written specifically with the rights of writers in mind.

Our Price: $19.95

LLG v2
Foreword by Dan Poynter: Identifying writers' most important legal issues, this invaluable legal reference provides straightforward information and solutions on how writers can protect their works. With specific attention paid to intellectual property, contractual electronic rights, reclaiming copyright, fair use, permissions, work-for-hire, public domain, textual referrals, and trademarks, this resource provides information necessary for those looking to sell and protect their work.

Our Price: $22.95

Visit our EventBrite Page for more information and I look forward to "seeing* you at one, some or all of our summer teleclasses!
Write on,

Tonya M. Evans
Legal Write Publications

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