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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 Tips to Market Your Fiction Book like Mrs. Fields Cookies via @coachjudy

Most authors assume that only non-fiction books can be promoted online, especially on blog articles and posts.

Wait a minute. Fiction writers can too. When you write a great excerpt and post it in your blog, fiction lovers will see it and come back to where you sell your book, whether it be your Print on Demand website or your own.

You can market poetry, a memoir, a mystery, or a novel with short "articles" such as when you write about your main character's conflicts and get your audience engaged in his or her struggles.

Like Mrs. Fields cookies, you give a taste of your book free to thousands of people online who love fiction that moves them emotionally and physically. As a fiction reader myself, I love the barriers a sympathetic character overcomes. If fiction is full of action, I will read it.

Here's 5 Tips to Get you Started...

1. Set up a dramatic incident from your story.

Give it a new introduction and conclusion. At the end of your post, share this: Excerpted from "Title of your Book."

2. Feature your main character or hero in action or conflict.

Conflicts include conflicts with others, with self, with nature, with technology or with fate. People get engaged in your character's conflict because it shows action. And it's the action in your stories that keep them turning pages.

3. Give a sample of the dramatic setting or time in your book.

One client wrote a memoir on growing up during the Great Depression. She wrote a short article on the New Deal by Roosevelt to attract people to her book, because history lovers would read it.

4. Aim your short blog posts and articles at your fiction book's primary audience.

What do they want? They want entertainment for sure. Maybe education as well. So give it to them in small samples taken from your book's best parts.

5. Remember the who, what, where, when, why and how of your fiction book.

Use any one of these topics and connect them to your story.

Marketing a book is a daunting challenge to many. Since authors love to write, why not parlay that adventure into your marketing with an "article" you post at your site, in social media and many other online outlets?

Make sure you tickle your fiction reader's wants and needs (benefits), so they check out your fiction book.

Sharing is Caring!

What great strategies do you use to market your book? What failed? What do you need help with! Questions and sharing helps the success of all our books.

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