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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Social Media Marketing: Infographics, Instagram & Pinterest via @pamperry

Infographics to Replace Press Releases? 


Who would of thought Facebook would be a popular for brands as it is today?  Who would of imagined Myspace dead?  Did you think that Twitter thingy was just a fade? 

Did you know that Youtube would be bought by Google or that Facebook would buy Instagram  for 1 BILLION dollars? OMG! WTH!
What is the next big thing?  INSTAGRAM!!!!!! 
Are you blogging yet? 
Do you have a Smart phone?
Do you own your own URL yet at least?  
Do you have the right apps to help your biz?
Do you have an email manager for your database?
And no, your "contacts" are NOT your database that you can send marketing messages to...that is called SPAM!  
So, much to learn, that's why I am passionate about sharing as much as you can handle so you CAN get a handle on everything. My new company does weekly webinars and we have a Mastermind group. 
Word of advice: Watch the social media trends and come to every webinar that we put on. That's how you stay ahead of the curve

See www.PerryWilliamson.com and click the FREE webinar link  Learn to connect and extend your brand. 

27 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page


Sharing is what makes social media SOCIAL. And most people don't really understand if they should share and participate in Facebook. And the "Like Pages" are really confusing to most.

What type of messages? Who should they friend? Should you try the push approach, broadcasting on Twitter to engage on Facebook?

Or how about what should you "brand" on Facebook? And how do should that look? 

 See this powerpoint on how to increase your interaction on Facebook. Go here
Internet Saga of Pam Perry and Ramon Williamson 
Internet Saga of Pam Perry and Ramon Williamson

See www.PamPerryPR.com too and join  www.perrywilliamson.com/join!

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