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Thursday, September 17, 2009


By Denise Rosier 
ISBN-10: 0974226971
ISBN# 978-0-9742269-7-2
Universal Write Publications
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Since the publishing market opened up for anyone with a story to tell and a few extra dollars, authors have come to realize that they too would like to take a shot at the publishing lottery, where if you hit, you could possibly make millions.  Lucky.  Meaning essentially that, PREPARATION meets OPPORTUNITY equal SUCCESS.
So you get lucky and hit the jackpot with a book that's right on target, falls into a marketing trend, deals with an issue that is a current event or hot topic in society, you then laugh all the way to the bank.  Your hard work in putting a book together paid off, and if you are really SAVVY, you may decide to put away some of the rewards in some sort of secure investment as discussed further in this book.
However, if your book does not cash out, you could lose just as much, or even more including your enthusiasm and desire to move forward. If that happens, you are left most likely with storage fees for books you may end up giving away to friends and family.
What's the point of that?
Sure you don't mind giving away a few books, but not the entire kitten caboodle. 
You have published a book.  That means you understand the intricacies and determination and rigors that goes into getting a book published.  It's not as easy as you thought, was it? Of course not!  So why just give up? Why allow your hard work, your story and most importantly, your hard earned dollars to sit on the shelf and simmer, when instead, you can get out there, beat the pavement like so many authors before you and make some money while getting your opinion out in the world.  Worse case scenario, you at least break even with your self esteem in tact.
You had an idea or story; you got the printer and book designer and graphic artist.  You even got the editor.  Your book is typeset, the ISBN is on and it's even available for sale on Amazon.com.  Kudos!
There is just one thing missing.  No one knows who you are, what your book is about or even that it's available.  That's where You're Published...Now What? Come in.
Time waits for no man and the trend and appeal to books and subject matters in our society change quite often.  You need to hit the pavement running.  You are now armed with some of the trendiest and effective marketing secrets out there that will help you take your book to the readers and those who will help you reach your ultimate goal, which is to be on Oprah.  Hey, it never hurts to dream.  I am right there with you.  But first things first.
Let's get you marketed.


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