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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's Next for AMP

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We are still riding on the excitement of the 2009 AMC weekend.

Thank you to all of the 2009 AMC volunteers, presenters, sponsors, donors and advisors for their generous contributions of time, energy and resources. Thank you to all of the people who held spelling bees, happy hours, dance parties, slumber parties, SPEAK CD listening parties, pancake breakfasts, empanada bake sales, weekly brunches, art auctions, car washes, acupuncture benefits, and countless other grassroots fundraisers that made it possible for so many more people to participate in the AMC this year.

We've posted a little recap of the conference over at the AMC2009 website. Look out for a relaunched website this Fall.

Read below to learn about what's next for Allied Media Projects (AMP) and how you can support.

What's next?

Here in Detroit, we're finding ways to make the energy of the AMC last all year-round by offering trainings and facilitating partnerships with local organizations. We're building a media lab in our office, modeled after the fabulous one we have during the AMC.

In the coming months, this lab will host a video training with the East Michigan Environmental Action Coalition; a computer-building / family restoration project with the Hush House in Northwest Goldberg, Detroit; and meetings for the newly-emerging Detroit Digital Justice Coalition, which formed out of the A Healthy Digital Ecology: Creating a community vision for federal Internet funding session at the AMC.

Looking further into the future, we want to use the AMP media lab in Detroit as a hub through which more projects can converge and cross-pollinate. We hope it will provide an opportunity to bring non-Detroiters back to town throughout the year to keep exchanging skills and knowledge with local organizations.

Right now, we need to lay a solid foundation for this exciting new work. We need to:
  • buy equipment
  • pay rent
  • pay media trainers
With just a little bit of love from all the people on this mailing list, we can make it happen. If you went home from the AMC with hope for the future, please consider investing $20 or more in the future of AMP.

If you send us $10 we'll send a beautiful al.iqaa original design thank you card
If you send us $20 or more we'll send you a CREATE / CONNECT / TRANSFORM poster for your decorating pleasure.
If you can, please send a higher amount to help sustain AMP as we launch new programs.

All donations to AMP are tax-deductible!


Please also send us your feedback, ideas and anecdotes about how the AMC is impacting your work. That is also very valuable.

As we move full-speed towards the summer of 2010 in Detroit (with the AMC and US Social Forum back-to-back), there are a lot of possibilities unfolding.

Look out for more updates coming soon!

The AMC is organized by Allied Media Projects and is made possible through grants from Nathan Cummings Foundation, Media Justice Fund of the Funding Exchange, Surdna Foundation, Media Democracy Fund, and the sponsorship of Consumers Union, Oakland University Dept. of Communication & Journalism, Media & Democracy Coalition, Free Press, Center for Urban Innovation, INCITE!, Prometheus Radio Project, Young Women's Empowerment Project, Funders Collaborative on Youth Organizing, Media Action Grassroots Network, Great Lakes Urban Exchange, Progressive Communicators Network, Community Media Workshop, Women's Media Equity Collaborative and the National Writers Union.

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